Windows 10 update # 1803

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Earlier today I went and downloaded Windows 10 #1803 spring update.  I was watchful after reading Tim's warning about the DAX system.  However, as usual, NO PROBLEM AT ALL.  I first went and got rid of all things Flex on the computer and then downloaded Windows 10 #1803 update.  All went as it should have and I then reloaded the very latest software for the 6500.  It went as one would expect it to.  Everything worked right away and all CAT info was there right along with the DAX system and its drivers.  By the way, this is the first time I have every gotten rid of the Flex software prior to a Windows update.  As I said, Tim scared me.

Good job guys.  I have yet to have a problem with the dual core Dell computer, Windows 10 and updates and the Flex software.  I have been using Windows 10 since it first appeared.  It and the 6500 like one another.

Bob, N0IS

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Bob N0IS

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  • GOOD.

Posted 2 years ago

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Andy - KU7T

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I am thinking about doing this too. Are there any saved files for settings to be backed up? Or will I have to write down all port numbers and recreate them later? I have not created profiles yet....

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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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None.  All the important stuff is stored on the radio.
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I read on another board that allow windows apps to use microphone must be enabled if your using virtual ports whether you use the microphone in those apps or not. Just passing on info since I dont update my win 10 computers or permit ms to do so plus I keep them off the internet except when updating win defender.
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Jim Gilliam

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I have a question: Tim mentioned removing all the versions of SmartSDR. Did you use the normal Windows uninstall or did you use Tim's special instructions of removing the software? Tim was not clear on that aspect.

Jim, K6QE

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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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Just the normal Window Installer
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I did as Tim says. Use Window Uninstaller. Then after went to Flex and reinstall. I did just installed 2.2.8(I had already done once, before the window update), so far everything seems to be working ok. Have a logging( N3FJP) and HRD rotator control and they both or working too. This was all done last night. Will see as time goes by!! Have a Dell desk top. Thanks Tim
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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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You're welcome
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Duane, AC5AA

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Success for me also.  I used the "metered connection" method to stop auto updates.  I always use Revo Uninstaller Pro for uninstalls as it finds registry items that the normal Windows uninstall routine leaves laying around.  Anyway, did the update, reinstalled 2.1.33 and all is running fine now - well, all I've tried so far.  The update didn't fix the USB port issue I have with the FlexControl, but moving it to another port has "fixed" that.  Thanks, Tim, for the procedure.  
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David Ahrendts

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Hey experts, I didn't listen and allowed the latest Windows 10 update to crash my DAX. So, should I correct it by following the uninstall and re-install DAX instructions first or should I just upgrade to the new SDR V 2.2.8 ?
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I did as David and DAX crashed badly. Tried all the Tim tricks, etc with no joy. Kudos to Neal K3NC (Flex tech)who bailed me out in short order with a TeamViewer connection. Neal found a security issue also which caused my MalwareBytes anti-exploit to fail because of the Spring 1803 update. Now SSDR, MalwareBytes and I are happy.Upgraded to SDR V 2.2.8 from V 1.11.   Next MS update and I will uninstall SSDR first!
Now if propagation would just improve.
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Michael Coslo

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Hi David and Chuck. do not blame yourselves for Windows problems. Having to uninstall software in order to  have Windows not mess it up, is pretty sad. Windows 10 is a very sick operating system. 
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Bob N0IS

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Hi Mike,

Fail to understand your thought concerning Win 10.  It has been operating here since it became available and operates with my 6500 just fine.  Have YET to have a problem with it and the Flex stuff.  Did not have problems with Win 7 either.

Bob, N0IS

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Alex - DH2ID, Elmer

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To be on the safe side, I run Windows 7 pro 64bit on my Flexradio notebook.
In parallel I run 2 other notebooks with Windows 10 pro 64bit and try all
updates and programs on them also.

What I normally find is, that the security restrictions of 10 cause most problems.
I run all my PC's as administrator and - if problems arise - tick all security options
for the offending folder and give all users full access to them. This almost always
solve the problems.

In my net runs a Linux PC as a firewall between my router and the other 8 PC's and
notebooks of my net.
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Robert Lonn

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ALERT!!!! Windows 10 just pushed out an update for 1803!! I loaded it on my desk computer, but not on my Laptop that is used for Flex and ICOM communications.  Not sure exactly what they did, but if they fixed anything related to drivers, could they have Un-Done all the patches we recently received from Flex or Icom Etc. ?? Just a heads up folks!!!!!

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Larry - W8LLL

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I installed the update you are refering to on my win 10 64 home edition that i use with my 6500 and no issues.
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The 1803 update started to download last night. I did as Tim suggested and deleted SDR and the DAX drivers  and then let the update install (it failed twice to install for some reason before success). I then reinstalled SDR. All working fine so far (fingers crossed) and a review Device Manager showed the same DAX installation. The only hiccup was with DDUtil which gave a failed to connect error message for skimmer, but that was an easy fix as it has happened with prior upgrades.