Windows 10 question, for those of you with W10 already, do....

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Windows 10 question; for those of you who already have W10, will I have to reload all my programs like SSDR, DDUTil, FLDigi, logging program and so on?  Or, will I have to reinstall USB serial port drivers and such??

In other words, will I have to rebuild my machine once I install W10 OS when its available?

Thanks in advance for all who answer...

73 de Dennis, k0eoo
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Posted 3 years ago

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"Or, will I have to reinstall USB serial port drivers and such??"

Who knows.  I guess we will all find out on July 29th when Win10 is released, but if I was a betting man, I suspect the answer is probably going to be "yes, since after every Win10 operating system replacement to date, I have had to re-install the kernel mode drivers (DAX, FlexVSP and the FlexControl) to get them running again
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Dennis, I don't do Windows any longer but, based upon when I did, the behavior of the GA product is generally different the 'preview' releases. I do not believe existing behavior of a 'preview' version will reflect user experience refinements made in the GA product. Based on my experience the upgrade process generally breaks something. I believe those people upgrading will just have to take what they get come July 29th. What I would not advise anyone to do is stay on the 'preview' version of anyone's product.
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I've stopped doing any Windows upgrades until 10 comes out because almost every one crashes FlexVSP and I have to do a full removal and reinstall of FlexVSP & DAX.  Even that didn't work with the last big batch of updates it wants to install.  I had to do a system restore and backup from an earlier date.
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What does windows 10 offer that windows 7 doesn't? I find 7 to be very stable and the best microsoft OS to date.

I work for one of the big 3 and I tend to follow their lead when it comes to operating system upgrades because I know they are not going to upgrade thousands of computers unless its benificial or the life cycle of that OS is coming to an end. Windows 7 is going to be supported untill January 2020.  For those that are running the windows 10 beta versions, what kind of improvements are you seeing over windows 7?

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My corporate IT guys kept W-XP running for years until it finally died.. then they upgraded to W7... No W8 or W8.1 as those were disasters.

While i am no longer running the company I suspect that they will resist W10 unless there is some compelling reason to upgrade....So anyone please chime in with a compelling reason to upgrade.
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Win 10 does seems to be incrementally better than Win 7 on the beta but nothing major.    So maybe compelling reason to upgrade before July 29, 2016 is that is will be free for a year for Win 7 & Win 8 users.  

I have 4 PCs to upgrade and the first will be the XYLs Win 8.1 tablet.  Its the lowest risk as she only uses it for web browsing, email and reading books.    The next 2 Win 7 PCs have more home software, taxes, etc.   The last one I'll do (maybe in a few months) is the shack PC.   So while I'm taking it slow I'll get it done at some point before the free year runs out. 

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ  
al (at) nn4zz (dot) com
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In the old days I was an O/S junkie and even stood in line to get the first copies of W3 and W95.  But after years of fighting O/S bugs, I have become rather jaded.

Personally I intend to wait until WELL AFTER W10 comes out AND MS has released at least Service Pack #1 to fix all the usual bugs that will only show up after they release W10.

Even then so far there does not seem to be much compelling in W10 even though it is free to make we want to upgrade from W7 which is known to be reliable.
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I agree, only I have a test system I make multi boot to test operating systems and software on. My day to day systems are running Windows 7 Pro 64bit. The test system has W7 , W8.1 and W10  Think I'll stay with W7 for a while. 
Oh have a 2 year old i7, dual drive Toshiba Qosmio laptop with Nvidia graphics, but no video divers for 8.1 or 10 at this time. (I did beta on w3 and w95) Now MS just uses it's customers.
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Hi Howard,
I missed your second post before adding my reply above.   Sounds like we are in agreement on several points.   Although Win 10 does look like a good update but only time will tell.    And not in a big rush to install it on my shack PC, I may also wait for SP1 depending on issues.    (agree that Win 8 was not for me either although the XYL seems to like it okay).

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ  
al (at) nn4zz (dot) com
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Speaking ONLY from the beta experience, yes -- but see Tim's answer for a well-considered statement on a product that hasn't been released yet. 

The most recent betas have been pretty clean. I prefer 10 over 8/8.1, but nothing revolutionary is going on here. Howard's wisdom about waiting a while is good. I'm still young and foolish, so play with betas and other pre-release stuff. And occasionally pay the price. I HAVE learned that backups are your friends.
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Thank's to all who replied.  

The only reason I was considering upgrading was MS' free program which would also extend support past 2020....  Seeing how we get a year to decide, I'll probably take the wait and see attitude, the better part of valor when it comes to software.... Thanks again!
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That's the best approach, K0EOO.... if you just want the damn thing to work so you can do YOUR work, wait a while. They'll be releasing incremental updates for Win10 regularly.

Those who are "into" operating systems and need to be running the latest and greatest will upgrade sooner. Like me... I'll upgrade as soon as Win10 is released to manufacturing.

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