Windows 10 did an update to 1703 last night and now SMARTCAT wont load up

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..... Any ideas?  I unistalled and reloaded 1.10.16 and still nothing.... Radio works fine but no CAT!  73 Brian  
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Brian Bedoe WD9HSY

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Posted 2 years ago

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Mark - N7MHB

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when you uninstalled did you make sure you got CAT also.  I think they uninstall separately.
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Brian Bedoe WD9HSY

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I killed it! I killed it all!  But to no avail .... Still not working on the Laptop (been running fine on the laptop since I got the 6300 back in Feb.... The other 2 machines still work fine.

On the Laptop, Smartcat doesn't even load, it spins the little wheel of loading and just stops. 
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Jim Gilliam

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Every night when I go to bed, I pray that some day Flex will come up with an uninstall program before a reinstall. I wonder how many man hours that would save us users having to perform the "nuclear option" when Windows does its daily update?
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Michael Coslo

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What I call Flexrefresh. There are three facts of life.



Windows ten will hose many of your programs.


This radio is the best darn thing going.

But how can I recommend it to people when Windows ten knocks it out? When one day, they  are all prepped and ready to go for a contest, od some Rare Expedition, and the next morning. Nothing, It is happening to a lot more people than Just Flex radio users. It's gone beyond audio and serial issues to people getting video cards hosed.

And the people who tell us that they've never ever had a problem? All I have to say is "yet".

I do think FlexRadio Systems needs to own this problem - Microsoft certainly won't.  It is Microsoft's fault, but there has to be a workaround, and if needs to be better than this nuclear option.
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Michael Coslo

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Unistall everything then einstall everything. 
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Greg - N8GD

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Try the following:

Whenever WIndows Update messes with your SmartSDR CAT, it is not necessary to uninstall and re-install SmartSDR.  In fact, that may not really solve the problem if SmartSDR CAT isn't selected to be uninstalled/re-installed when redoing SmartSDR as Mark mentioned.  The simple repair and reboot of your PC should resolve problems after Windows Update without resorting to Jim's "nuclear option!"
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Just be careful of the flex  uninstall anti logic with reference to Dax & Cat

The uninstall program asks if you want to leave Cat and Dax installed. Normal logic is asking if you want to uninstall them so if you don't read the message and click "Yes" thinking you are uninstalling them, they remain on your system. The correct answer is "No" :)

This is against normal windows convention when uninstalling programs.

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Simple answer long term (once I found out what caused the problem) :-

disable DAX and CAT from being allowed to auto start, then create a bat file/script that terminates and unloads both from ram before doing an shut down (3 lines of code required).  Never failed me yet and I have taken every update of W10 even the pre-release stuff.

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Michael Coslo

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Maybe, maybe not. I went over a year without an update issue. Then had a fair number since then. If this was just a DAX or VSP issue and only this, it might be spot on. But the numbers of compueters I've seen where an update wreaks havoc on the software isn't limited to SSDR and it's associated programs. 

On my Windows 7 system, It's been clear sailing with SSDR updates beng the only reason to install anything. Autostarts FB, Shut down when I shut the computer down,  just a pleasure to use.

My wife tells me that I suddenly get smarter when I use Windows 7. 8^)

She emphasizes that I get smarter, not that I get actually smart tho'.
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If you use SmartLink to access your radio running on a Win7 laptop from a Holiday Inn Express, that should get you a few more "smarter" points :-)
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Jim KJ7S

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My experience with the 1703 update was a flawless transition. When I connected to my friend's radio through the "normal" internet channels, all went without a hitch