Willing to share my radio as long as you play nice!

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Hi all,

I have a very modest station:

HF Autotuner
Simple End Fed wire at 25 feet.

There is zero doubt my station will not impress the likes of someone like Howard with his monster beam and 12kw ERP (grin).  But I would like to allow my station to be shared by a few nice people here.

I think the only way right now to do this is to share the details of my SmartLink login.  Anyway I'd love to share my station and in return perhaps share the stations of others.

My email is:  ws7m@arrl.net

Email me if interested.  I'd love to see how well this works.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Paul and all.  I am hopeful this is where V2.x will lead us.  A network of radios we can all play with.

Back in the 70's I used to visit a friend ham with a really nice station and on days when he was not using it I would play with his station.  Now we can do this without travel and it is very cool.

I hope others will move this direction.
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I'll make mine available today for anyone that wants to try it out. 

Flex-6700 100 watts 
ANT1 - 40-6 - SteppIR MonstIR beam, 6 elements on 6, 4 elements 20 thru 10, 3 elements on 30 and 40. Auto switched with DDUtil. TX inhibited while tuning. 
ANT2 - 80 - 1/4 wave vertical

Currently beaming EU but can beam anywhere you like.

If you would like to transmit, you must have a valid FCC issued amateur radio license, CEPT or IARP does not qualify (FCC rules, not mine).

I'm good in QRZ or I'm on Facebook... ria.h.jairam

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Sent my info too!  :)
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Yep, also replied. You're 2nd in line. 
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It's a shame my US Extra licence (AC5NO) has expired Ria....I could have tried to work me in UK on 6m  ;-)   Paul M0CVX
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If it's within 2 years you can renew online quite easily. 
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According to QRZ.com, AC5NO expired 2017-05-30 and is within the grace period.