Will SmartSDR iOS be upgraded to work with iPAD iOS and iOS13 on the release dates?

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With release of iPAD iOS and iOS 13 will the SmartSDR iOS be updated for use on the release date?
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Posted 9 months ago

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Paul Leach

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Hope so
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Yes. BUT it will depend on the Apple store approval as to release date
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Thanks for the correct comment Howard. But my App is already compatible to iOS 13 and the new iPhones. 

It works pretty well, especially the possibility to use a Mouse with your iPad under iOS 13 and my App is an amazing new feature.You can now move the slice very easy. Maybe I will add the possibility to use the Mouse scroll wheel to tune the Frequency.

By the way, even with iOS 13.1 but especially with iOS 13 there are many many bugs which are sometimes quite annoying. Some of them are fixed in 13.1 but some still exist. There are a few screen glitches when rotating the device which has nothing to do with the App itself.

But beside this, it's nice to use iOS 13.1 along with my App.

Unfortunately somebody posted a bad review for my App because he thought the iOS 13 issues are bugs of by App. If he would have contacted me I would have been able to help. Very strange but that's how live goes.

Marcus, DL8MRE

P.S. there will be an update soon which contains some new nice features.
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was scroll wheel tuning added yet or is it not possible?
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Just upgraded my iPad 2018 to 13.1. working fine with the IOS SSDR app.
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love the app! great work!
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Just started using the FT8/FT4 tool.  Is there any way to set up split operation within the tool, as I can do in wsjt-x right now.  Also will you provide a decoded view spectrum as provided in wsjt-x.  The decoded view provides better view of station spacing for finding unused frequency space.  
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Pat - WH6HI

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Yup two min after posting, I found the solution.  Ah well........
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Now that Catalina is out. Will you be able to port it to macOS ?
Thank you
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And the “iOS’ification” of MacOS continues :-(
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Actually, I think the merging is a result of Cloudification of iOS and Mac OS.  It is pushing all the the associated applications to operate in the same way.   The merging is inevitable.  
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Apples "Catalyst" feature that claims to allow developers to turn iPad Apps into Mac Apps by just by hitting a button is just Marketing buzz. It is not even working as advertised. Even if it would work as advertised, there is much work to do to make such an App really usable on a Mac.