wi fi strength fluctuates sitting 1 ft from wifi extender

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wi fi strength fluctuates  from all bars green to 1 bar red.Maestro is located 1 foot from wi fi extender. Connecting to the network via cat5 cable does not change display.. I thought if I plugged it into the network  a network symbol replaced the bars. Going to menu/network/wifi settings network symbol appears in lower left corner
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Posted 6 months ago

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Buford, the display is not a signal strength indicator (like on your phone or PC) but a signal quality indicator (showing transit delays and dropped packets). I bet you are losing packets somewhere in your wifi extender.
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It can be the network connectors. I notice on my 6600M (sitting next to the router) that when the network indicator goes yellow and drops, I can push the network connector in and out, and it returns to green. Gonna get some contact cleaner and see if a shot of that helps. I don’t unplug it, just gently push it in and out. It moves maybe 1/8 of an inch or less, but enough to restore the connection.
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Bill, you are most likely correct.
I fought the same problem for over a year.
changed routers, switches, etc etc.
Would get the same change from Green to White/red etc.
Same problem if I only had the 6700 connected directly to PC or Maestro.

Finally I sent the 6700 into Flex.

They FIXED IT......     BAD CAT 5 CONNECTOR ON 6700

Great Service from Flex.

73's  Ken  W9IE
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Suggest you invest in a mesh network instead of using a range extender. We have a Tends mesh system... $145 art Amazon. Works much better than extenders, repeaters, etc.
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I replaced extenders with mesh. Great results.

I used the AMPLIFI system for mesh.

Wrote it up at https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2019/02/24...