Why so quiet?

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It seems the Flex forum has been pretty quiet.

Perhaps it is the low sunspot activity or maybe the fact that the flex radios for the most part just work but it seems the forum has been sort of quiet.

I miss the activity.  I love coming here to see what people are doing, how I could help.  Now I check in almost daily and sometimes there are no posts.

As Gerald said, it may be the sunspot low, but radio still works.  I still made 5 dx contacts on Saturday with CW.  Based on Gerald's article I need to fire up FT8 more and see what I can drum up.

I'm sort of on a goal to get WAS via CW and I have a lot of states left to go.  Perhaps I'll also try to do WAS via FT8 then DXCC.
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Posted 1 year ago

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A lot of forum traffic typically occurs when problems pop up or new versions of the software is released.  Perhaps no one is having issues, or if they are, they're taking the advice of FRS and creating a trouble report. 

I'm hoping to see some posts soon indicating people are receiving their PG-XL's.
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Good question Mark.

I have been spending my time each day on the radio SSB with all my ham friends and groups. Some day is a challenge to hear them all but for the most part I can work them. We all know and exept that the conditions are poor most days and signals are weak but I can still talk to them most days. Poor conditions is were the Flex shines, not to say other radios can't as well, but just saying my Flex is great in poor conditions.

One reason I think activity has gone down here on the community is I think generally people are enjoying their radio's. Trust me and you know this,,when something goes wrong people make noise..lol

We started out with people having problems with controls on the M modles, much of that was corrected at the factory, I hear very little of that anymore.

Then we had the heat sink issue, that was corrected in good time.
Then we had the PGXL 6 meter filter problem, that has also been corrected and shipping is soon to re start.

And we have the software up dates that always brings people in reporting something missed and need corrections. This is alway good for several weeks.

As you may know Flex has taken a different approch to the community, leaving things to the members to help each other more and less posting from the Flex team, but sometimes they get in here to clear something up. This gives the team more time to work in other places.

I try to answer as much as I can but my answers are mostly short and to the point, I should write longer to fully explain things but sometimes I feel that the person asking should know the rest,,bad assumption I know...

But now that I am retired I have more time to spend in helping others, the problem I have is not owning all the latest radios so I can't help with many questions refuring to them. Then there is the problem of seeing technical questions that I try with but wish Flex would jump in for those that only an engineer would know.

That's it for writing tonight before getting in trouble with the managment here...
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Bill, you may be retired but you still have management to deal with.  LOL

I am not retired so I have two managers!

As Jay (aka Mr Numbers) pointed out below there have been posts, I'm just missing them.  I have not received notifications from the flex forum for quite some time.

Yes I do get that problems cause an up spike in activity and hopefully we are seeing that people are just enjoying their radios.  I know I like my 6600.  I did end up buying a Maestro series 2 but not really sure where I will use it yet.  I think it will actually be used for park and remote outings mostly.  We'll see.

Bands however have been pretty dead.  I will have to spin up some FT8 and see if what Gerald says is true.  Actually I know it is as I do monitor it sometimes.
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70 post/submits today, this post makes it 71
72 post/submits 10/16/18
108 post/submits 10/15/18
60 post/submits 10/14/18

Could you define pretty quiet?
You kinda gotta read em, all to count em all.
Sorry, just couldn't resist!

BTW, what was your count?

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         73, Jay - NO5J

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To be clear, Flex has not left the forum...
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Flex has certainly not left the forum.  Many of us read it when we can but there just aren't enough hours in the day to read everything.  It is a matter of resources and priorities.  It can eat up a lot of hours in a day to scour through many threads to see if there is something of importance.  I think I need an AI search engine that combs the forum.  ;>)

This forum was originally intended to be a community of Elmers helping each other.  In fact, you all know a lot more than we do about some things because we are often too busy or tired of ham radio at the end of the day to operate.  I think it continues to be a great place for you all to help one another.  Heck, I learned some useful things reading through the comments regarding my FT8 blog.

When your hobby becomes your job, is it still a hobby?  ;>)  Interesting that FT8 has gotten me back on the air because I can make a few DX contacts here and there when I have time.  It's been different and fun.

Hope to read more and participate more here - as time permits.

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Hi Gerald,

good to hear that flex is still in the forum.

"tired of ham radio at the end of the day to operate"

I have often wondered about this but I have tended over my career to do thiings I love so I'm not sure I totally understand.

For example, I have been a software developer for close to 40 years.  But what do I do first thing Saturday morning?  Turn on the computer and write come code.  

As I edge closer and closer to retirement I've considered what retirement means.  I'm not a fisherman and never had any interest in it, so I highly doubt I will sit in a small boat all day with a beer.

I am not sure I ever will retire when it comes right down to it and I have considered trying to develop a set of ham radio related software that brings in a few dollars as my "retirement career".  But I have yet to start on anything and not sure it would really be a worth while endeavor.   

But yes, I get what you are saying.  At the end of the day you probably don't want to turn on a radio and play radio.  

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I actually want to hang out with my wife of 43 years at the end of the day.  Just did.
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Mee too!  But 30 years only!
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I got to listen to Tim Berners-Lee speak at a security conference in Vegas this week.  That's my excuse for not participating :-)  I also got to listen to Walter Isaacson who is an incredible speaker.  I'm hanging out with my wife now but she's ignoring me at the moment, so I pulled out the laptop and found this thread.