Why is there no remote CW sidetone option?

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I use N1MM+ and WinKeyer USB for remote CW contesting.  By "remote" I mean about 800' from my house over a fiber Gb LAN.  About 99% of what I send is by using the N1MM+ function keys, and the other 1% is done by typing into the N1MM+ CW Key window.  It is beyond me why Flex doesn't have an option to send the CW sidetone along with the receiver's audio over the LAN.  I don't care about the latency.  I just want to confirm that I sent what I think I sent, in case I hit the wrong key.  WHO IS THE BUREAUCRAT AT FLEX THAT THINKS FLEX'S CUSTOMERS ARE TOO DUMB TO TURN OFF THE SIDETONE IF THE LATENCY BOTHERS THEM?  This idiocy has been going on for years, and needs to stop!

Conrad N5CR
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Posted 4 months ago

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The rant aside, the answer to the question in your title is that the needs of the CW operator are not a priority to Flex.

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I've ordered a K4
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I'm not even sure Flex listens to its customer base. Nothing ever matured yet with the survey of "most important" had to haves that was done I think 6 months ago. I don't believe anyone asked for profile saving on the fly. But it got put in and seems not too many like it.Noise mitigation has been an issue FOREVER.  I too have a K4 on order. 

They may listen but acting on something is a different thing
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I agree that in some cases Flex thinks its customers are too dumb...

But then again I am not the poor soul at Flex getting stuck with numerous help desk tickets because folks refuse to read a manual, can not understand it, or just will not try to figure it out on their own. Flex seems to have to take some folks by the hand and show them each and every SSDR function. Thus preventing or slowing the progress of Flex in improving the SSDR.

The auto save feature for profiles are one example. As for your comment N5CR concerning that it has been going on a while is true as well. For example 3 years ago Steve from Flex stated:

"The inability to change it is to prevent folks from doing things that will have an adverse effect on output."

I read that as minimizing the help desk tickets...
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How do you know Flex is not listening and doing something about it? They only put out around four releases per year, the next release is not due out yet. Why is that so hard to understand?
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It is certainly the case that most folks have never been in software development and integrating that software with hardware. From my experience often when something seems simple and straightforward from a layman's view the opposite is true. Changing A affects B, B affects C, C affects D, etc. These influences are not necessarily anticipated and arise during the development process. That is the reality in my experience.

I largely agree with John's second paragraph. 

If you want to be an "Appliance Operator" buy something else.