Why Does My Flex 6600M All of a Sudden Think it is a Maesto?

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I had some external power supply problems today.  My Astron Power Supply would shut down when I increased the 6600m output to about 30 watts which, of course, shut down the 6600M also.  During one of the restarts, I got a message on my 6600M saying that the Flex did not shut down properly.  I replaced the Astron Power Supply and all seems to work fine now at full power but, for some reason, my 6600M is identifying itself as a Maesto instead of a Flex 6600M.  The word "Maesto" shows up in the 6600M front panel under MENU.  When I connect to "Maesto" with CAT, all seems to work fine with CAT.  However, it is unsettling that my 6600M thinks it is a Maesto.  

By the way, I do not have (or have ever had) a Maesto.  How can I change the name of my 6600M back to what it really is?   The 6600M will not let me change the Station Name on the "Front Panel" screen.


Al, K0AD
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Posted 6 months ago

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I think a FULL Rest should return everything back to normal..
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Al Dewey

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Yes, I expect it will but thought I would see if there is an easier fix before doing a full reset.

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A factory reset is very easy and only takes a few moments..save your profiles though.
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Seems there are a lot of gender changes anymore HI HI
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I had various 6400M problems when using my Astron supply with the Flex.  Changed to a switching supply and all problems went away.
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I replaced my Astron with a little Alinco DM-330MV  switching supply which is working great.  As for the original problem, I did do a factory reset and my 6600M still identified itself as a Maestro.  However, after the reset, I was able to Front Panel display and change the station name back to FLEX-6600M.  I was not able to do that for the reset. As for the bad Astron supply, I listed it on our local reflector for free saying that it was bad and all kind of people jumped all over it even wanting to pay me for it.
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Astron support is awesome - Call them. I was using a 30A version of their linear power supply and upgraded to a 50A with all my additional 12V needs. 30A was working fine - Just ran a little warm.