Who would pay $200 plus for a matching speaker? I WOULD

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I want to use this question to SHOW INTEREST or Lack they of for a nice High quality MATCHING IN DESIGN and Size Speaker. I would gladly pay $200 plus. We got radios now that we can proudly display on our desks I just want a speaker that looks as good as the radio. Tnx
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Posted 2 years ago

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I would pay that as long as the speaker is properly acoustically tuned and not just a random speaker shoved in the box and if FRS sells this speaker you can bet it will be at least $499.99.
The other thing is that with a flex radio you have Left and Right audio channels <stereo> so you really nee 2 of these speakers. And since CW and Phone are very different audio requirements the speakers need to work very well for tones and human speech.

Now if FRS sells the speaker for under $149 then a general perpose speaker with reasonable fidelity might be acceptable at that price.
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No, I would not.  I prefer two high end powered speakers.  AudioEngine 5+ units are very nice.
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Agree, I have them mounted on gas shocks for adjustment.


They sound great on CW from the radio and music, etc from the PC.

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ
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Hi Al,

I have a couple pair of Audioengine 5+s as well. Great speakers.

Can you tell me what gas shock mounts that you are using?


Marc - N8KWX
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Al, NN4ZZ,

Thanks for your great web page with pictures.  This is what is really needed for people having trouble with grounding, station setup, RFI etc.

I'll share one interesting point I had.  I have a 6500 and for some time I was running it on a Win10 laptop, pretty high powered laptop.  I had a very long coax run to an end-fed wire antenna.  I'd say the coax (LMR-400) was close to 100 feet.

I decided prior to Field Day to move my amp and tuner out into a shed so they would be close to the antenna so the long coax run would be from the Flex to the Amp.  From the amp to tuner would be 2 feet, Tuner to antenna would be like 25 feet.

During field day I had my laptop just reboot magically twice.  I was running 1kw.

During this same contest my RFI took out the control board in my dish washer.  I mean I thought i needed to replace it but a simple power reset brought it back to life but it was pretty confused.

I knew there was RF, just didn't have time to solve it but I also was not happy with the end-fed antenna.

So later in the summer I changed and put up a 280 foot horizontal loop.  This was feed with LMR-400 and a 2.5:1 balun.  This also resulted in a much shorter coax run.  I was able to move the amp and tuner back into a shed very close to the op position so I ended up with coax runs like 5 feet from Flex to amp.  2 feet to tuner, and like 40 feet to the feed point of the antenna.

My loop ends up to have a 1:1 on 7.100 and I op mostly CW on 40m.  Well this new antenna seems like an RF sucker because virtually all the other RF problems went away.  

So my addition to any RFI list is to make sure your antenna is a fairly good match.  it seems obvious but with tuners these days I can sort of see people assuming there tuner takes care of it.
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Hi Mark,
I found the 6700 to be a bit more sensitive to RF that my previous rig and stopping common mode RF on my coax with a lot of chokes had the biggest improvement impact.  

I tried to look at every possible route for RF to get into the radio and address each one as well as grounding etc.  I figured I should document everything for my reference and in case anyone else was interested. 

The 6700 has been working for years now without the lockups and other erratic issues.  I still have a few  "touch lights" in the house that trigger but they have always been super sensitive.  

Al / NN4ZZ  
al (at) nn4zz (dot) com
6700 & SSDR-W  V 2.1.30
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SDS. Software defined speaker integrated into Smart SDR. Lord help us
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I like that,,a software defined speaker, good one Steve..lol
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Needs to be stereo...

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It would have to be good.  I give up on speakers and microphones offered by radio companies about 20 years ago. They look great but the audio quality sucks.

As Ria said, they need to be stereo and I personally need physical separation between channels before my brain functions properly.
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I use the BOSE pc music monitor speakers. They have great sound and are small enough that setting one on each side of the radio (or maestro) gives really good separation.

Phill (WB3DHF)
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I am using Palstar’s SP30H, with black finish. They sound great and match everything else in they shack very well. I’ve had them for a couple of years and have been very happy with them, way better than the PC speakers I had before. They do need an amp though, but you can find relatively inexpensive ones these days. I just noticed they are offering an internally powered version now but they are kinda expensive.

But, as many have said, it’s hard to beat Bose....

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I agree.  I had two of those in Cherry and there were the best speakers I have owned. $25.00 amp and you are in business.

However when I switched from 6500 which was sitting on shelf off to the side to a 6600m which needed to be front and center I had to sell them to make room.

The bose speakers are not quite as good as the Palstars but good enough. The two inputs for PC and radio makes it nice.
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I use these little guys from Bose:

They are about 5 inches call, powered, and have a remote control.  They sound great.  The only issue I don't like is if I power down their plug (network webpower plug) they need to be turned back on when power is re-applied.  But thats ok.
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Hi Marc - N8KWX

Here is the info on the gas shocks I'm using to mount the Audio Engine 5+ speakers.   

I started out using the 7Flex-500-1o4i arms for both speakers but it was a little weak holding up the heavier Left speaker.  It should have worked but the extra weight of the wires, etc made it droop after a while. 

I ended up using the 7000-800 model on the Left speaker and the 7Flex-500-1o4i on the Right speaker.    

*** Click to see large image ***


Al / NN4ZZ  
al (at) nn4zz (dot) com
6700 & SSDR-W  V 2.1.30