Which speaker for 6000 series do you use???

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Just wondering what others recommend for a good amplified speaker to use with the 6300. Would rather not use those those cheapo stereo computer speakers on a $2500 radio. Thanks
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K6NOK- Bill

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Posted 6 years ago

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James Kirk

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You are going to get many opinions, but in short you can't go wrong with Bose. Great sound and immune to RF within reason. They have several "computer" models available.
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Alan Nusso, N4BV

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West Mountain Radio CLRspkr. Adds noise reduction. Good sounding amplified speaker.
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Jim Miller

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I tried these and they did not work at legal limit power on any band
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Andrew Thall

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If you're in to CW, I can recommend the resonant speaker featured in the February QST.  The cost is under $20.
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Clay N9IO

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I like my Bose Champion II speakers so well that a few months back I purchased a second pair. I split them with a Y sterio cable.  No RFI issues ever.  I run them in Binaural mode, really like the sound.  My desktops are in an L config.
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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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Bose Companion II are what we use in the booth for hamfests
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Hey Bill,

i use Cakewalk (Edirol)  MA-15D Aktiv-Monitor. Real great sound and features.


Emil, de DL8JJ

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Robert -- N5IKD, Elmer

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I bring the audio into my computer. This gives me the option of performing additional filtering / recording and I only have a single pair of speakers for the radio and computer.

The speakers themselves are what came with the computer including a woofer.
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W5XZ - dan

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to the sound card input, robert?  you don't notice any additional latency?

73, w5xz, dan

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Robert -- N5IKD, Elmer

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I don't notice any latency. I did have to add transformers for isolation to prevent a hum when the radio is turned off and the line-in was floating.
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Jay / NO5J

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I do the same, including the Ground loop isolators. No latency here either. I use an old set of Logitech speakers but there is a set of Bose Companion II's on my wishlist. 

73, Jay - NO5J
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W5XZ - dan

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I still like may Creative T-20's...not too big, plenty loud.

73, w5xz, dan

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Pat Garrett

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Yep, I agree.

These Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Speakers are incredible. I used them for monitors while mixing masters of music. They are very accurate for $100 speakers. I liked them better than my actual studio monitors. And they are so easy to listen to for hours at a time. Very little fatigue. 

I noticed there is a version two out now. I have the originals. I plug the radio into the line in of my computer.

And I have never heard a whiff of RF in them.
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Dave - WB5NHL

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West Mountain COMspkr   plenty of volume  not a speck of RFI with kw antenna cables a foot away on other side of wallboard wall.
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I just got a pair and only have two complaints: 1, somewhat low audio; 2, for some reason the stereo connector does not work, when connect to the flex. I have use a stereo 'extender' cable to connect. Works fine into the PC, just not the 6700. Weird! 
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Use a pair of headphones. In a QSO they beat any kind of speaker, no room reflections or shack noise and no audio feedback when you switch to transmit, plus you can monitor your own transmission.
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Ross W8TZ

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I use Klipsch Pro Media 2.1. There is a aux audio input that I use with the Flex. I can listen to the Flex and computer audio at the same time with just one set of speakers.. Less clutter on the radio desk. I also have to use a ground loop isolator to eliminate hum.
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Jon - KF2E

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I use Bose Champion II speakers as well. Sound good and no rfi.

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I am using Pioneer SP-BS22-LR speakers designed by Andew Jones.  They were a Stereophile Magazine 2013 Editors Choice and they retail for $129.95, or less.  See http://www.stereophile.com/content/stereophiles-products-2013-editors-choices

I am driving them with a Sony TA N-110 ES audio amplifier from a media room of old. 

When I use headphones, which is a lot, I prefer Bose QC-15’s for their comfort and clarity.

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James Kirk

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Those are great speakers for the price
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Ken - NM9P

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I use a $19 Lepai 15 watt amp and a pair of $59 Dayton speakers from Amazon.
But mostly I use Sony professional Broadcast Studio headphones, especially when running CW.  
It is so much easier to concentrate on the code with headphones.
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K1UO - Larry

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Bose Companion II here for general listening/swling and headphones for serious cw or ssb weak signal work.
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I also use the Cakewalk/Roland/Edirol MA-15D speakers. Resistant to any RF and a great audio.

Although they are not longer in production, you can find some cheap second-hand ones on the internet.

Kind regards

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Phillip Beistel

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I use a pair of Bose Computer Music Monitor Speakers. They're a wee bit expensive (like $275), but the sound is very complimentary to the radio (Flex 6500) that they are connect to.  Placement of 1 on either side of the computer monitor makes the sound come right at you!


Phill (WB3DHF)


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Dale KB5VE

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Boise companion II. The price has gotten better, you can find some very good deals on ebay. What I like is you can run three inputs to them. I have the flex 6500, flex 3000 and flex 1500 all going to them. Works great no RFI with legal limit.
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Have used Bose (Nice)
Now use M audio (Better)
Using Headset (Best)
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Steve Walker

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Behringer MS20 Digital Monitor Speakers - RCA input for the Flex and an optical input for the PC thus helping to avoid dreaded earth loops. And never bothered by RFI either.

They do a 40 as well which are louder, these are damn fine, not Bose, but not Bose money either.

73 Steve

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Cal Latham W1HHO

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Well this may sound a bit boring...but I have found that a pair of Logitech Z130 speakers for a mere price of $23.00 does a very good job. Available at Radio Shack, Staples and even Wal-Mart.
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Steve - M3SXA

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I have the smaller z120 ones powered via the flex USB port, not hi-fi but certainly ok
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K6OZY, Elmer

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Jerry - W2TXB

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Been using the Bose Companion II speakers since the Flex 5000A; good stuff and not expensive. :)
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Charles - K5UA

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Have tried various Bose computer speakers, as well as the Bose receiver and Bose 501s driven through a Carver amp, but nothing has sounded as good as the relatively inexpensive Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 computer speakers (about $140).

My ProMedia 2.1 installation consists of the two satellite speakers on the operating desk, separated about five feet, on either side of the Flex 6500, plus a sub-woofer on the floor.  Sounds like the audio is coming straight out of the 6500.  I used 1.5 inch round ferrites with about 14 turns of the speaker wire at the satellite speaker input terminals and where the speaker wires originates on the sub-woofer.  1500 watts output 80 - 10 meters, no RF in the speakers in either CW or SSB.  They sound really good both on SSB and CW. 

Side note:  I have found that a snap-on ferrite over a speaker wire is usually inadequate unless you can loop the speaker wire back through the ferrite a few times.  I have read that the RF suppression is equal to the square of the number of turns, so ten turns would provide 100x (two orders of magnitude greater) RF suppression as compared to a single pass through a snap-on ferrite.  The a 1.5 inch round ferrite can support 14 - 15 turns of typical computer speaker wire. 

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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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Another vote for the Bose. Nice having two inputs - one for PC, the other for the radio. Only caveat for any speaker - switching power supplies (wall warts) often generate noise. Depending on your circumstances, this may or may not affect you, but if you notice more noise after installing new speakers...
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James Kirk

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OK, that does it, I use these speakers http://www.stereophile.com/content/yg-acoustics-sonja-13-loudspeaker driven by these amps (he is a ham) http://www.audiopowerlabs.com/
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KM6CQ - Dan

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You really should consider getting rid of those old things and upgrading. For only about 5X as much, you could have some nice speakers for your Flex.
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KM6CQ - Dan

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Of course you will need an adequate set of speaker cables.
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Paul Christensen, W9AC, Elmer

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"Speaker Fractional Articulation Technology and HD Switching"

Just what I've always wanted from my speaker cables.

Paul, W9AC

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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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Are they made by Shire hobbits from ultra pure oxygen free copper assembled in a hermetically sealed hydrophobic drybox? :-)
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Pat Garrett

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Michael - N5TGL

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I use Logitech Z553's, but I can't recommend them.  Crossover for the satellite sub is too high and can't be adjusted, which then localizes mid-bass sounds.  Short answer: it can sound like people are talking under your desk.  Also particularly sensitive to RFI, I've ferrited it to hell and back, but can't seem to make a difference.
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Ken - NM9P

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I just ordered a set of Bose Companion 2 series III.  $99 on Amazon.  I have been fighting RF into my Lepai/Dayton setup, which works well otherwise, and finally decided to try these based upon comments about RF immunity.  I will let everyone know how they work....
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Clay N9IO

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I just picked up the BOSE Companion II from NewEgg. Excellent sounding speakers.
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EA4GLI - 8P9EH - Salvador

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Ken, thanks for providing the feedback. I was checking this thread and checked for the Bose Comp2 Series II on amazon and found the Series III instead http://www.amazon.com/Bose-Companion-Series-Multimedia-Speakers/dp/B00CD1PTF0/ref=dp_ob_title_ce 
and was about to post to find out if anyone had used them! :) 
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I use the Bose Mini Link Bluetooth Speaker.  This speaker is amazing for music as well.  I use it with an 1/8 stereo cable on the Aux mode.  Bluetooth is great, I can put this outside and play some acoustic guitar tracks and it sounds like the guitarist is right there.  You can check it out at Target they have them set uo to listed to.


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Mike Whatley

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Ok, My  speakers are not listed here. They could market these for the "discerning ham" which will automatically reduce the interest pool to about 1 in 10 readers.
Still for that 1 ham in 10 who may want to peek at an excellent alternative to this group above.

See the Audio Engine A5+ Series.  (More Photos, Please Scroll down)
Powered Speakers 50wper channel in the $400 range. See below

Available in Bamboo, White (my choice) and Black.

FeaturesBuilt-in power amplifiers
Remote control
Improved thermal management
RCA and mini-jack audio inputs
Front panel volume control
USB power charge port
Variable preamp audio output
Gold-plated connectors
Full-size 5-way speaker binding posts
Custom Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters
Hand-buhttp://audioengineusa.com/Store/Powered-Speaker-Systems/A5-plus-W-Powered-Speakers ilt MDF wood cabinets
Magnetically shielded
Advance tuned cabinet with rear-ported waveguide
Stand-mount 1/4" threaded inserts
Cables included

Also a very excellent DAC for USB connectivity on the PC/Mac side.

My Acom Amp runs about 6 inches from the Main Powered Speaker. NO RF, No Buzz, No interference of any kind have i Noticed.  (I would be tempted to say this is because of my superior understanding of grounding a station, but then that would be a lie!)  The DAC is a very useful additional option with independent Volume level, addition Headphone IO and D to A Conversion from your PC. 

I have my speakers sitting on a pair of BH Mic Stands  to mount them precisely at ear Height in my operating position.

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Al / NN4ZZ

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Hi Mike,
I also use these and they work great.  Mine are black and mounted on gas arms to position them. 

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ  
al (at) nn4zz (dot) com