Which features do you feel "work marginally" that we need to address?

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We will continue to do bug fixes as we release, but we're tending to do releases that have both features and bug fixes in each release rather than dedicating a release to all features and then all bug fixes.  Which features do you feel "work marginally" that we need to address?
Note: This topic was created from a reply on the SmartSDR Technology Roadmap topic.
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Steve - N5AC, VP Engineering / CTO

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Posted 6 years ago

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Larry Davis

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nb nr would be nice still think 5000 better nb
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Tom  W4FAS

I think you have a wonderful product. I am 77 years old and have absolutely no aptitude for computers. So why did I buy a Flex- 6500? I didn't. It was given to me, by my son, as a surprise Christmas gift. With some apprehension I hooked everything up and it has been four months of fun and joy playing with my new radio. The Flex-6500 is very user friendly. I have a Yaesu FT-920 and an Elecraft K2/100 and, IMHO, the FLEX is more relaxing to use than either of those radios.

The only area I have had a continual problem with is keeping the COM Ports correctly lined up so I can use FLDIGI. Brian W9HLO, in his comments, described the problem better than I can. I also use Brian's method of dealing with the problem,  which is to keep playing with SmartCAT and the COM Ports until something works. 

Thanks Again for a Great Radio             

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WQ5C - Mike

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Transverter support has already been mentioned.  Along those lines, I'd like to see TX1, TX2, and TX3 be associated & persistent with the current band.  At the moment, I've got TX2 keying a 2m XVTR, and have to remember to disable it when changing bands.
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Tony Taddeo

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1) Quality/Robustness - 6700/SmartSDR still has some reliability issues that require a few reboots.  This includes an increase in receiver noise floor and desensitization (reasonably often) that requires a 6700 reboot.  Perhaps SmartSDR could be a little more tolerant of real world wireless networks, that have the occasional dropout.  This will only get worse when external remoting feature becomes available.

2)For those with access to good quality connections between 2 sites over a WAN and on 2 different subnets (routed), can we have access to the radio by using an IP address, rather than the UDP broadcast discovery method designed for local network access only. I appreciate optimized remoting coming in the future. (are we there yet... :) )  

3)Adjustable AGC (slower needed)

3)NB, NR fair, but could be great.

PS to balance this - love your great efforts so far.  The radio and my experience with your company exceeds my expectations.

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NB NB NB NB.....specifically, NB applied to the entire panadapter. I have not been on the air much over the last couple months because the panadapter is almost useless whena nearby electric fence is on. But you knew I was going to say that. :)

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Ned K1NJ

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  NB - Brutal electric fence 1/2 mile away kills 160m- loud pop and panadapter jump. Flex 5000 NB eliminates it entirely.  Neat waterfall shows it on other bands where it wasn't obvious. The 5000 took care of other cultural noise problems a bit better too.  The know-how and the processing power is there to do it even better in this generation of equipment.
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W5XZ - dan

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Persistence in the DAX control panel.  Auto detection of which DAX channel is trying to TX.  
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Something to lock the TUNE POWER to where I left it so it doesn't trip off and blast my amp at 100 watts.
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Ken - NM9P

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A simple click box in the set up tabs could solve this one quickly.
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Karl KB2AS

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Inability to record the transmit audio, and not being able to save recording as mp3.
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K1UO - Larry

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Band stacking registers,with persistence, to be able to move quickly from CW end of Band to the SSB portion or RTTY/Digital portion of the selected band just by another click of the Band button.
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Hello Steve,

I have noticed the published Flex-6000 specifications are conspicuously missing some basic receiver specifications; such as  Dynamic range @20kHz and 2kHz, noise floor (dBm) and 100kHz blocking in dB.  Are numbers forth coming?  Dennis, k0eoo

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