Which features do you feel "work marginally" that we need to address?

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We will continue to do bug fixes as we release, but we're tending to do releases that have both features and bug fixes in each release rather than dedicating a release to all features and then all bug fixes.  Which features do you feel "work marginally" that we need to address?
Note: This topic was created from a reply on the SmartSDR Technology Roadmap topic.
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Steve - N5AC, VP Engineering / CTO

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Posted 6 years ago

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Jerry Gardner

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NR/NB/APF/ANF work, but not nearly as well as they do on my FTdx-5000 and I think they need improvements. Ditto for AGC.

ANF is a good example. If the SSB signal I'm listening to is strong, then ANF kills a carrier in the filter passband completely. On the other hand, if the SSB signal is weak, ANF doesn't seem to work at all -- I can still hear the carrier with almost no attenuation.
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Al / NN4ZZ

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NR does not seem to do much on CW. Both the signal and noise are reduced. At this point I dont use it.

APF would benefit from an additional gain control to let users select the amount of gain they prefer. I use it and it does provide benefit but I believe it could be better. Refer to this IDEA link for details.


Regards, Al /NN4ZZ
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I'll second that.
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I have a ftdx3k and I have yet to take the plunge on a flex for absolute fear the NB/NR will not be as good...I never turn them off and they do wonders...it's the best I have ever used on a rig honestly....so this is a feature that is a must have for me before I commit..
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Michael - N5TGL

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Agreed, the NB is better, but still not as effective as PSDR.  NR really colors the sound and to me makes it harder to hear with it.  Needs the "levers" like PSDR has to tune the filter a bit.  ANF also really colors the sound, but now that we have TNF I don't see myself hitting the ANF button ever again.
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David Decoons wo2x, Elmer

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RX filters.

Have the ability to save custom filters and also a rx filter display similar to the new TX filter under the Phone tab.

Having the ability to move the mouse to shift/expand/contract the filter is nice but lacks precision.

Dave. wo2x

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The NR/NB are better; but, marginal. As for ANF, it was marginal also; however, who needs it with TNF? Thanks for getting the TNF out early.

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Robbie - KI4TTZ

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Freezes/cpu rendering fallback on what seems like haswell-based computers.
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James Nelson

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GUI rendering freeze is disconcerting and whist not life threatening to fix it needs minimizing then maximizing in servere freeze cases to unlock it. Rebooting SmartSDR kills valuable airtime so not a good option either. This needs to be watched and possibly an automatic reset after 4 seconds of no response to kick start it. Room for improvement on my i7 tablet with loads of RAM so Robbies comments ring true. (Watching the catchup is amusing when rendering is on the verge of a freeze)
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Al / NN4ZZ

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Also want to say I appreciate the strategy of releases comprised of both new features and bug fixes. If you stuck to the bugs only (which are sometimes just differences of opinion) we wouldn't see as many enhancements or get them on schedule.

Sometimes you get have to get a feature out to let the wider audience see how it works for all scenarios and user preferences. And it may take a few passes on a feature to satisfy everyone (or at least most ). So congrats to the team and keep up the great work.

Thanks, Al / NN4ZZ
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David Gardner

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Since I primarily operate SSB, the NB especially in the summertime in Florida and the ANF feature are very important.  I find the NB a lot better with the latest release,  but the ANF,  after a short time starts to distort the received audio, so I am not able to use the ANF for the majority of my operating time.  I know that Flex Radio will  get these items resolved.  Flex Radio  has created a phenomenal product that makes Amateur Radio operating a real pleasure.


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Dave - WB5NHL

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Definitely NB/NR
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Santos Rodriguez

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Agree 100%: NR

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Robert -- N5IKD, Elmer

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The NR/NB/ANF either need improvement, or I need a video demonstrating me how and when to use each.
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Keith Wolford

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Agree 100% with the NR/NB/ANF.  They really discolor the otherwise excellent audio when first applied, and seem take a long time to re-train.  I'd be elated to have them work at least as well as the ones on my IC-7000 in my mobile, which always seem to amaze me with how well they work for the price of that rig.

Everything else about this radio has far exceeded my expectations to date, and keeps doing it even more with each new release.  Now that's something the IC-7000 can't do - get better/new features with a software release ;-)

Keith - AE5XN
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Jon - KF2E

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Agree NB/NR
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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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Would like to see the USB port active for local FlexControl.
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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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Oh, and "pane persistence" on the right hand side of SSDR. This version really is great - interested to see FM, some kind of memory channel chooser, a Mac client, etc., but there's not much to gripe about!
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Robbie - KI4TTZ

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I'll 2nd pane persistence and FM request.  I also wish the panes on the right could somehow maintain aspect ratio when resizing the entire smartsdr app window so they shrink/grow with the app. 
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Brian - W9HLQ

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I feel SmartCAT needs some help in working with the COM ports.   Getting the correct port to work seems to be a hit and miss game with my system.  As well as DAX does work as expected, SmartCAT seems to leave me, rather, my software disconnected.  For example I want to use Fldigi, a logging program, FlexControl, and the S-meter.   It may take me 20 minutes to try COM ports until I find something that works.   The next boot of windows may change things around.

SmartCat should better assist in connecting peripheral software to SmartSDR.  I more comprehensive SmadrCAT control panel would be apprecitated. Tnx fer asking.  Brian, W9HLQ
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I to would like to see the NR, NB, and ANF work better which seems to be the majority of the comments and I hope it can be fixed, There has NEVER been a time since I got my first FLEX5K back in 2008 that the NR, NB and ANF has worked well on BOTH week and strong signal conditions with out distortion no matter what the settings are so I sure hope a solution can be found on the 6700.

TNX for keeping us in the loop and TNX for the GREAT updates. 

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Because I have such a low noise location I would opt for the AGC to be user defined as well as the filter widths user programmable such as with the PowerSDR.   Rtty needs much work as well.

73s Jim K4JAF

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Jerry Gardner

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I'd like true FSK and double peak filters for RTTY.

I'd also like to be able to define the steepness of the filter skirts.
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David Decoons wo2x, Elmer

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Yes! The RTTY APF on the Kenwood TS-990 in FSK mode works great. Definitely vote for APF for RTTY.
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1. DSP functions that could be improved
2. ATU memories
3. User-defined filters that could pre-defined, stored and recalled quickly
4. Basic Voice and CW keyer memories that could be used via existing GUI independently from the external software (loggers) and hardware (interfaces, paddle)

Tom, 9A6TKS
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Dale KB5VE

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Add persistence to the waterfall so you can cut it off and it will stay off when you boot back up.
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K1UO - Larry

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more peripheral control capability via the ACC jack.. ( or even the USB jacks)   I.E Amplifier band switching (for auto amps) or band data provided to switch remote coax switches etc.
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Stan - VA7NF

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First off - Thanks for the more-than-roadmap deliveries of the last releases. 

Improvements and from somewhere down the roadmap:

  • High - I'm in a very noisy environment - simplex noise abatement for SSB and CW
  • High - Can't drive CW over the network - DTR/RTS CW keying
  • High - BASIC FM modulation/demodulation.  In 1.2.1 the filter slopes are much steeper, I can't slope demodulate FM signals any more.  Extended support (repeater tones, +/-, channel tuning, memory, scan) can come later
  • Medium - SmartCAT needs add/delete/CHANGE for port definitions and, if possible, persistence
  • Medium - Enhanced noise canceling via 2nd SCA with diversity/noise antenna  
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Lee, Elmer

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can you display info in the bar directly above the TX in the slice flag?
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Ken - NM9P

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First... WOW... I love the new release 1.2.1!  Most functions are above expectations, such as:

+Speech Processor!  I am getting high mark reports in all settings!

+Tuning Lines for RIT/XIT!  Thank you!  Though I would prefer that the "Flag" stays put and the RIT has a movable bar like the XIT .

+ Panafall!  whoo hoo.  That's what I'm talking about!

+SAM - thanks!

+APF - works better than the last version, but it doesn't seem quite as good as the Beta test I had.  I also agree with Al that it could really use an extra adjustment for gain in addition to the 'Q' in order to make it better.

Still cutting on the cutting edge...

- ANF -is better, but still colors the audio too much, and sometimes adds significant distortion.

- NR - does a little, but could do so much more it seems.  The adjustment seems to have little or no effect.
- NB - we need two... one for Slice, and the other for PAN.  (I don't know if it would take up too many resources)  It isn't as effective as the one in PowerSDR in my book.  (But then, some folks seem ti expect a noise blanker to be effective on summertime weather static.  I realize that isn't possible, NB is for impulse noise...but an improved NR circuit might help .)

- I would REALLY appreciate the ability to key CW via a COM port so I can use my logging program to send code.  I don't want to spend $100 on a Winkeyer or other type of interface. 

- I agree that basic FM would be really nice ASAP.  I can't wait to work 10 & 6 Meter FM with this thing.

- Needs ATU memory, with separate memory for each ANT port/Band combination

- Local USB port interface for Flex Control Knob

- Digi Mode does not have DAX button selection persistent.  

- I would love to be able to adjust parameters for AGC as we can for the Custom AGC on PowerSDR.

- I would love Customizable filter buttons, as in PowerSDR

A few other little bugs and frustrations arise from time to time.

But all in all.....

These are all MINOR gripes.
We have moved well past almost all of the major performance issues.
Now we are talking about tweaks, enhancements, bells & whistles, and dreams.

This is already the most amazing rig I have ever used---SSB, AM, ESSB, CW, Digital....you name it.... And it keeps getting better!

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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Ernest - W4EG

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Ken - NM9P,

Address all my concerned; specially the DAX persistent.

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Ken - NM9P

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I can't believe I forgot to mention these additional major +++
+ Downward Expander.... Very nice. Much better than on PSDR.

+ TNF! Thanks for the early release! Very nice.

+ VOX works much better with DEXP. I can actually use it with my speakers on!

+ increased zoom on CW, And even phone is very nice.

- having more trouble with FlexControl knob latency. Even with only one slice I have major run-over on edges of the screen. Probably a video card upgrade on the way...

I haven't had time to do a detailed review... Been too busy at work and enjoying the new release with what time I have left!
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Jerry Gardner

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A faster video card won't help with FlexControl knob latency. One of my machines has a GeForce Titan, which is a high-end card, and I still see major tuning overruns with the FlexControl on this system.
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I'm not sure the FlexControl knob is responsible for the latency that you are experiencing.  I am running GeForce GTX 760 SuperClocked video adapters and I never experience latency when using the FlexControls.  (CPU:  Core i7-4770K & RAM 32 GB at 1866 MHz)  Are you direct connected to the FLEX or are you going through a WiFi router, etc?

The Passmark benchmark for my cards is 6,321 and your Titan is 8,004.  If my video adapter keeps up then yours should have no difficulty.  That's why I suspect the origin of your latency to lie elsewhere, but not with the FlexControl knob.

Good luck in your search for the problem. 


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Michael - N5TGL

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The FlexControl could work better.

I've got my rig cabled to the router and cabled to the computer, but the flexcontrol still buffers input.  In short, at higher zoom levels, the radio keeps on tuning down the band after I've stopped twiddling the flexcontrol knob.  This is really annoying when trying to tune.  I'm running a quad core 64 bit AMD machine at 2.9GHz, so it's not a slow box.

I've also had problems with the radio suddenly not seeing the flexcontrol.

Sometimes shutdown takes a long time, sometimes it doesn't.  It's been pretty consistently around 7-8 seconds now so it seems to have settled down.

We seem to have lost some gain on the balanced input from previous versions.  I have the +20dB set, mic gain at 100 and I'm still only hitting -10 with normal speech.  I've bought a preamp to fix this, but I never had to use a preamp with PSDR.

I've asked before, but was told it would make the radio "too complicated": we really could use a gain control on the EQ.


I'm used to seeing the waterfall keep running during TX with PSDR, lt doesn't do that with SSDR.
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Larry Davis

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yes the nb and rd no don,t matter how good rx is if you need nb you can,t here them you can,t work them

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Rick Hadley - W0FG

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Anti-vox would be nice.  I'm always having to turn down the speaker volume or go to headphones on SSB to avoid having the VOX activate by the received signals. NB/NR of course too.

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