Which Battery for the Maestro ?

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This question is directed at Maestro users who have used both the Mogix 10400mAh and the 
Polanfo 12000mAh batteries.

Now that we are 3 months plus into using the Maestro, which battery appears to be better despite the 1600mah obvious difference in maybe operating time? 

I want to purchase a couple of batteries and just would like this forums opinion before I order.

I can't buy either battery here in Canada but I have a friend that will be in Florida for 3 weeks so I'll have them delivered to his place. 

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Posted 4 years ago

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From my perspective (this is not an official FlexRadio answer), both are good batteries but neither is ideal

The Mogix has stable output voltage, good runtime, but it lacks a detailed readout of the charge level in the battery.  Also it's mAh rating is not has great as the Polanfo.

The Polanfo has a digital readout of the battery charge level which is very convenient and has longer runtime than the Mogix, but some of them suffer from minor voltage regulation issues that can cause the Maestro to falsely inform you that the battery needs to be swapped when it has plenty of charge left.

I end up using the Polnafo batters most of the time , but have the Mogix charged up and ready to go if needed.
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I have both.  I have three of the Mogix ones which I bought in the USA and had shipped to me by a friend and one of the Palanfo ones which I bought here in the UK from Amazon.

If I am going to be honest, I haven't noticed an appreciable difference between them.  I do not normally know which one of them is in the Maestro.  I have labelled the Mogix ones so that I cycle through them rather than always using the same one.

All that said, I usually keep my Maestro plugged into the power supply when I am not using it to keep the internal battery charged.

Had I known about the Polanfo one when I bought the Mogix ones I probably wouldn't have botherered and I would have stuck to the Polanfo because I have a degree of consumer protection on UK purchased ones.  

To summarise, have been quite happy with them all! Sorry!

David G4NRT
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Bill, I also have both. The Mogix has a port that says 2.5amps, but I get a battery failure with the Maestro (not enough juice). The Polanfo's port says 2.1 amps, but works fine.

I'm also using these to run a raspberry pi and tnc-pi (PiGate.net) and if you don't have enough juice the hdmi display from the raspberry displays a little colored box in the upper right corner. The Mogix show not enough juice, but works. The Polanfo even thought the label shows less amps, works fine. However the Mogix can be charged while supplying power. As soon as the Polanfo is plugged in to charge, it shuts down.

So, as Tim said, neither are perfect.......................... yet!  :)

73  Brent W8XG