Where is SmartSDR v1.4.20?

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I am hearing rumors that the NB has been fixed. Is this true?
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Posted 4 years ago

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Often, I have  wondered if it would be possible to use a phasing method of eliminating noise similar to the MFJ 1026 noise cancellor except it would be accomplished with software automatically setting levels and phase reversal. However, think such an idea would be possible only with the 6700 because a second receive antenna would be needed.
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I have thought about this as well. It would be a reason to upgrade my 6500 to a 6700.

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Jim Gilliam

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The ubiquitous power line leakage is the bane of my existence. I live in Pasadena, CA and for many years my noise floor was around -120 dBm. Suddenly one day it jumped to -100 dBm and that constant noise took the fun out of ham radio until is set up a remote at my cabin 100 miles east of me in Big Bear Lake. Later, I tried the MFJ 1026 and sure enough, with careful adjustment, I was able to null this noise back to around -120 dBm. It was at that time I realized that such a method of noise reduction would be very possible with the 6700.

Jiim, K6QE

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Make sure to visit ‪#‎FlexRadio‬ at the Huntsville August 15-16 for a big announcement. http://www.hamfest.org/
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Official Response
We've made great progress on the Noise Blanker and hope to have it in your hands soon.  We have a noisy pole pig outside our office so we have an excellent test system in place!
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Any comments about new noise blanker as "Huntsville" is over.
Was it something worth to expect?
I am looking forward to hearing any information about the new functions and software updates.

ken Yamada
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Is there any reason to expect a different announcement vehicle than a Flex Insider engineering article from Steve and a marketing article from Gerald? That's how they've done it for the last two years. Boxboro is this coming weekend, maybe it'll be timed for then... or it will arrive when it arrives. Sounds like maybe the NDA system has broken down.
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Looking around, some things just happen to pop up.

For example, N1MM RevisionHistory shows:
Version 1.0.5061 (August 4, 2015)
Flex 6000 Series: Added RTTY mode, default digital wide filter 400Hz, and default digital narrow filter 300Hz. Released in advance of the SDR software that enables this mode. (K5KDN)(Coded by K3CT)

It doesn't change anything, it will still arrive when fully tested and ready for we the masses; and BTW that is how I like it.

I don't expect a reply (NDA etc) but I hope the RTTY contest last weekend served to test out some changes. 

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            Product announcements tend to show up at hamfests.  Software releases
just appear when they are ready.  There is also an amplifier out there somewhere
between rumor and reality.

Ned,  K1NJ
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I think that was bouncing the idea off people less than rumor. A functioning noise blanker is not a product. Even Howard made reference to people, in their giddy euphoria forgetting what the ND stood for.
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I found the MFJ unit very effective but only under certain conditions:

1. The secondary antenna should point to the source of noise and the noise to signal ratio should be greater than the noise to signal ratio of the main receiving antenna. That way more noise can be nulled out than the desired signal.

2. If the noise coming from the power pegs radiate on the power lines then it is very difficult to get any null as the noise to signal ratio stays the same on both antennas and it becomes impossible for the circuit null only the noise.

Bottom line is this type of noise cancellation works if the noise comes from a specific location and the secondary antenna will contain more noise than the primary antenna.

I am very interested in other techniques that can be used to eliminate this type of noise. Perhaps it has regularities than can be identified and removed with DSP techniques.

Jim, K6QE

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The noise blanker could use some work but wheres SQUELCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A $30 CB Radio has it ........... Its not a luxury,  its like a seat in a car, the drivers seat!

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