Where is 1.4?

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I think we have all been more than patient with Flex. Its about time to deliver now. Flame me all you want but this is getting very very long in the tooth by now.

I am in software development and if I took 4 months to address well known, minor bugs and annoyances I would be out of a job. It makes no sense to save everything up for a bigger release which will have a larger share of new bugs. It amazes me how large the pain tolerance of hams is with their favorite brand of radio but are big in the complain department with everything else.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Beyond Cone Head's obvious lack of interpersonal skills there is nothing important to come out of this discussion.  This is about the CH small person wanting attention, and nothing about FRS.

I doubt anyone sold their Flex because they were impatient unless they really didn't have the resources (time, money, or talent) to be into their Flex anyway.  But if they did, bully for them and to be clear YMMV is an absolute, so don't think your sale has any relevance to my experience.

If 1.4 isn't ready, I'll wait. 

As always if a certain roadmap feature is critical to you, either don't buy until it is released and stable, or bite the bullet and wait with the rest of us.

Moaning is for when something is broken - and holding a release until it is ready is not a bad thing.

At least this thread gave me a chance to "Like" some wise words from many of you! 




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For me, waiting is no problem at all.
While waiting for V1.4 I can:
  • Work DX
  • Have some nice ragchewing QSOs
  • Try to break the pile-ups of the recent DXpeds
All three points can be done absolutely flawless with V1.3.8

I am absolutely interested in V1.4 and will be happy, when it arrives. And:
We are currently targeting January 30th for the release and feel confident we will hit this deadline.  Trust me, we're all disappointed that this is the answer and we're working to get you a great v1.4 as soon as we can. (Greg Day, N8GD)
So Flex is not due right now.

I am looking forward to all following improvements.

Keep up the good work.

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Waiting is no problem for me too, I can shovel my 24" of snow, then play volleyball, teach my 4th graders, bike (when the snow melts), watch TV, fix vintage rigs. Ham radio is what I do when I am bored.
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To paraphrase the Bard:  "I have not come here to praise this thread, but to bury it."  ENOUGH!
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As many mothers did mine kept a scrap book for each child. This panel is in mine. She showed it to me often as I was growing up. I suspect she spoiled me. I usually was allowed to learn the hard way. Rabid animals, playing in the street, letting me learn our correct address and phone number on my own. Fireworks got old pretty fast. As long as the yard was kept mowed I pretty much did as I pleased, I miss those days.
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Oy, real life started for me when I graduated and had to start working for a living.
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Official Response
Hi folks.  I really feel like this thread has run its course and is getting personal.  For those who are wondering where we are with SmartSDR v1.4, I've posted an update in the announcement section.  Here is a link.  Thanks for your continued support.  73, Gerald


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