What's a remote op to do?

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Fellow Flexers; with the impending release of Version 1.4 and remote on the LAN and later Version 2.0 remote on the WAN, I'm having an existential moment.

How will I (we) control our peripherals without a dedicated computer at the remote site to run DDUtil or other control software and not have to use some remote desktop app?

It seems a shame to me that we will be able to run our radios as though we were in the shack but still have to control the peripherals like we did in the pre-SSDR era.

I'm not qualified to have even the slightest idea how this could be accomplished but perhaps one of our smarter brethren might have given this some thought and discerned a path. I'm reminded that early on in the development of SSDR, Flex demonstrated controlling a SteppIR and an Alpha 9500 through the included USB ports on the 6700. Could this be our salvation?

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Posted 4 years ago

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Check out this previous post about options for controlling peripherals without a local PC. 

It may be a while until this is implemented and it's not clear whether the solution will be provided by FRS or a third party.


Regards, Al / NN4ZZ  
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Yes the ability to control other items might be incorporated in the radio itself but let me ask you if you are setting in your shack how do you control these items? At this time I have remote antenna switch which can be controled by computer, the ability to engage my amp and remote auto tuner by computer if I desire. So having a computer with team viewer is a minor issue but if that bothers you and you want to be computer less at the radio site you can purchase relay switches which have ip addresses and you can access over the Internet how about that for a answer, remember you can have almost anything you want it just takes money!
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yup...just check out the Microbit Ethernet switching solutions ...expensive but reliable for amp control, antenna switching, rotor control  or what have you  (models RC1216H or Webswitch 1216H).  

 I have no affiliation at all with or stand to gain from mentioning Microbit.   There are other ways of course as Dale and others mention above.

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Paul check this out and see if they have what you need ---

Remoterig has a number of boxes that you might be able to use to avoid the use of a remote computer.
I've used their control boxes for years and they work well.
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Assuming SSDR 1.4 passes audio back and forth over the LAN, you need:

Serial ports to control amps, antennas, rotators, etc.
Contact closure to remotely turn the Flex on and off
Optionally contact closure for PTT
Some remote CW keying solution if CWX does not meet your needs

I am using www.moxa.com remote serial ports.  Bulletproof industrial products with great Windows drivers.

I have a http://www.digital-loggers.com/din.html switch to control dry contacts.  Currently just using it for remote power, but expect to add more device control soon starting with antenna switching.

I use the www.remoterig.com RRC-1258 for PTT, remote CW keying and currently for remote audio.  I'll stop using the remote audio feature with v1.4.  I do not recommend the serial ports on the RRC1258.  The drivers were nothing but trouble when I tried to use them.

Finally I use a k1el WinKeyer on a remote serial port for CW contest integration.  Remote CWX keying does not currently support speed control or ESC key.  Two features I think are pretty essential for N1MM+ contest support.

Short answer is there's no single box remote solution, but you can make it all work.