What type of Amp are you using??

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I'm doing a poll on HF Amps 

I would like to know which HF amp you are using and if it is CAT controlled.

Let me know!  

73, Mike va3mw
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Posted 5 months ago

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Elecraft power combo KPA500/KAT500 and DDUtil to get everything preselected and coordinated as I change freq/bands.

Kev K4VD
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SPE 2K-FA. It is CAT controlled from the USB port on the Flex.
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Acom 600S Cat controlled

73, Jim N9VC
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SPE 1K-FA via CAT / SmartSDR USB Control

Alpha 99 via knob turning

PGXL on “Wish List”

73, Hunter K3IE
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Flex-6700 and Alpha 87A, Auto-Sense (not CAT controlled).  Standing in line for a PG-XL.
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SPE 1.3K with CAT control via USB to either the 6400 or 6500, depending on what I’m doing
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I am using an Expert 2K-FA amp with the Expert interface cable made for Flex radios.  I use a Flex 6600. Plug and play.

Bill, N5IR
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I use the Expert 1.3K-FA amp with the 6500 and CAT control. It is great with FAST solid state operation.  You're on the air with the amp in 10 seconds. I also use an Acom 2000A not CAT control used primarily for contesting.
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2K-FA, no.
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I am using a Yaesu Quadra with CAT control.
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Home Station

Flex-6700 or Flex-6600M with
PGXL or Alpha-9500

Island Station

Alpha-9500 (waiting for a PGXL for the Island)

Workshop Station

Alpha-78 (but usually run barefoot)


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Ameritron AL-1500 with QSK-5. Wish PGXL had QSK!
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Burt Fisher

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IC-2KL and AL811H  I expect to get my PGXL call on the next February 29th.
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I'm using the FRS 6600M with the German B26 RF 2K+ Amp Kit, tuner included.

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I am also using CAT control between the two.
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SPE 1.3KFA , homebrew cat cable....
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B26 RF2K+ / Palstar AT-AUTO / 403A Antenna Genius; all CAT controlled.  Change bands and everything sets itself automagically.  :-)
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SPE 1.3K via CAT / SmartSDR USB Control...using a Flex 6500
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Flex 6600 with Elecraft KPA1500.

CAT controlled, no special software required. Uses Elecraft USB cable for CAT input from back of Flex 6600 to KPA1500. 

If you op CW, Full QSK, very fast, no TX Delay required, and no relays. 2800 watts of LDMOS devices. Internal auto tuner. 


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Acom 2000A
Sergey, KN7K
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Flex 6600M With KPA-500/KAT-500 using DDUtil's auto drive to set the drive levels per band,  
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Bill - Can you share how you have them all connected?  I currently have the same setup, but not the KAT-500 which I'm thinking of purchasing.  Thanks.
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KPA500/KAT500, CAT-conrtolled (once I get around to setting it up).
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Kenwood TL-922. I am the cat
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Bob - would like to contact you re using the TL-922... your email noted on QRZ bounces.  Can you send me your contact info...  nz4cwcraig@gmail.com

Thanks Bob!
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SPE Expert 1.3K FA It does use CAT to interface.  
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Tokyo Hy Power HL-2.5Kfx. Would like to have it CAT controlled, but thus far have not been able to get it to work: https://community.flexradio.com/flexradio/topics/troubleshooting-flex-6500-band-following-with-tokyo...
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SPE Expert 1K-FA - CAT controlled using two USB Serial cables from the 6700. Fully automatic!