What is best way to use Maestro at Starbucks or McDonalds

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Trying to Use McDonald’s or Starbucks’s Wi-Fi successfully
With a New Maestro B unit

Do I need a Travel Router, etc

Any ideas how to get past splash screens and have
High speed Wi-Fi at these Coffee Shops and place
That offer free Wi-Fi

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Posted 12 months ago

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Dont know about the flex itself, but I used some small device that are not aBle to pass trough identificAtion with this little trick. I use a device that I can change the mac adress, copy the mac addr from the device that I want to connect to the network to the device that can pass the portal. Do all the ident thing then change back the mac addr to the original one. Then fire up the device that cant pass the portal, the portal will recognise the mac addr as being ok and already passed the portal, you will receive the same IP as the other device received when posing as the flex and voila!

This works with most places. I found one hotel once that would not accept this.
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Best way to make it work is with a donut...go to Dunkin
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The way I have done it is to have a laptop connect to the Wifi and get through the paywall.

Then, you LAN connect the Maestro to the Laptop on the network card and do a link local connection, which it does automatically.  

Once that is done, you can do a Internet Connection Sharing setup on the Laptop and it will pass the Maestro traffic to the WiFi.  

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Did you see my comment about using
An iPhone below

Will I need a preconfigured Travel
Router or just an IPhone and Maestro
On the McDondald’s Wi-Fi

New to this all

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I have an IPhone 8 and thought if I log into
Say McDonald’s WiFi then turn on IPhone
Hot Spot and have a Cheap Travel Router
Preconfigured to that iPhone Hotspot it
might work

But have not tried this Approach

Has anyone tied this type of scheme

Do not want to use my Cellular Data Plan
As the provider since it uses too much

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An iPad will open a browser, so no, it does not have this issue.

Your cheap tablet (assumed to be running SSDR under Windows) would also open a browser, so no issue.
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Used my iPad as a Personal Hotspot with my
Verizon Cellular Service and provided the Password
From my iPad

Tried to log into my iPad named
Michael’s iPad seen on the Maestro WiFi selections
and type password provided from iPad Personal HotSpot and it would Ask for password over and over again and Maestro Would not come up

FYI- Have Logged into SmartLink from iPad

So it seems it not as simple as everyone thinks
Something is not quite right

Maestro works great via my LAN but not thru my
iPad and Cellular Service with iPad
Any thoughts???

Works great over LAN but No Go over WAN for the Maestro !

Guess no one here knows the solution

Hotspot from Cellular for WAN is a No Go

Both my iPhone and iPad using SDR iOS work
Fine into Flex6600M over Cellular Service but
Not Maestro working off my iPad as a HotSpot
Using Cellular service

Can not get past the Password given from the
iPad working off Cellular Service to the Maestro even though SDR iOS works great with iPad Via Cellular To my Home Remote Flex6600M

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Just in case-- you are using SmartLink, which requires signing up for a username (email if I remember) and password?? When using a cell (Ipad) & service to create a hotspot.  SmartLink makes the connection operating from the WAN (internet) instead of your home network.
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Thanks I knew that, configured Smartlink for my
Flex6600M so that I can use it over WAN

Tried that also on Maestro with SmartLink
and did not help

Wondering if it might be due to a Latency Issue
But you would thing at Initial Login of a WAN
password, getting stuck not able to accept it
is not a Latency Issue before the Maestro actually
Starts up
Only unless Latency affects the Password Entry
But At the Initial Point the Maestro has not even
launched SDR on the Maestro Internal Touch
Screen Internal Dell laptop device

That is why I am stumped on why it will not accept
a password from the iPad Cellular Hotspot but can use my iPhone connect fine and surf the Internet from the iPad Cellular Hotspot

On another note
I know the Maestro needs more MBytes/sec like
1.7 Mbytes/sec to 2.8 Mbytes/sec in comparison
To SmartSDR on the PC ( can be throttled
Down ) to 0.3Mbytes/sec in case your your
Using Rural Internet like slow DSL
In case of Apple iPhone and iPad App of
iOS SDR even slower Data Rates are possible
Just not sure why the Maestro can not get
Past the Initial Password Entry when using the iPad
Cellular Hotspot WiFi while my other devices
have No issues
Everything works fine on LAN on the
Maestro, just can not get past the Password
Went to to Another Ham that had Fios and
Try to log into his WiFi and Would Enter
Password and the Password prompt would
Show up again like not being the right password
So something in the WAN interface is not working
on this New Maestro which I have had only for
almost two days

Just another fact, configured Maestro 1st via
My WiFI LAN and not thru Ethernet just as a Data

Might be defective Maestro

Looking for those Flex Guru Experts out there !

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Well success at Starbucks using the Tiny
HooToo Travel Wireless Router and no
Splash Screen needed to login into

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I use a DEDICATED laptop for Remote. Nothing on it but FLEX, QRZ etc. No personal info of value. No fancy techno-gymnastics in use for access or protection besides Win10 Defender. Just wipe the HD from time to time to get rid of whatever crud, and reload. "Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!"
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Maestro now works from WAN
Flex Support from Tim and Dawn helped greatly

1.) For not reason did like the ‘ in name of iPad For some reason
affecting the Password not getting through
2.) Also rebooted my Router & PC
3.) Also unregistered and registered via SmartLink
4.) Configured Plug and Play uPNP Port Forwarding with SmartLink and got the
Green Light Bullet to PASS the ports so
Everything is seen from the outside Internet

All is working now with the Maestro from WAN

Thanks Again Flex Support

Mike Aust