We're attempting to verify the package location. / Lost package investigation

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after calling UPS, This past Friday,  telling them that my 6700 is no where to be found,  they started an investigation. UPS STATED:

We're attempting to verify the package location. / Lost package investigation!

CAN anyone share there experience on this matter, looks like my FLEX 6700 has been lost in transportation to my shack here in Tampa FL  ; (  ED KK4X

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Posted 3 years ago

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UPS (and probably their competition) does this sometimes.   I recently had a package being sent from SC to CT, which was "lost" for a couple of days.  It surfaced in KS and was then sent to CT.  The package was probably just tossed into the wrong truck somewhere along the way.  If it's a long distance route (SC->KS), the online routing info will be silent until it arrives at a UPS center.

You might think that if UPS screws up this way, they'd upgrade you to 2nd day or better.  But no, I had to wait for ground service all over again.   (Meanwhile, Amazon was kind enough to refund my purchase price -- for a smallish item -- so I can't be too angry.  I don't suppose Flex would want to do that!)

73 Martin AA6E
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HI UPS investigation must made by shipper  ,it made my receiver you  not have access to coverage . that cost me 12,000$ to learn it   ,and if it refund it refund only declared value

my experience it that it investigation was not so  good  on my case it lost 2 mydata agilis feeder
that a box 36" x 24" x 20" and based on tracking it never leave the UPS store ,so hard to miss 
but never find it back  and after 30 day it just close the case ,and tell me sorry it lost ,but claim may must initiated by shipper for got a refund ....

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Man that sucks!  I don't think there is a shipper/carrier out there that doesn't lose stuff at times.  It just sucks when it is a big ticket item.

When I bought my SPE amp the ham I dealt with was a wonder trusting guy who once I sent him a picture of the cashiers check dropped the amp off for shipping.  I got the amp 4 days later and started to play with it and a couple days after that I get an email from him wondering where the check was.

I sent it US mail, registered, certified, all that junk.  All the US mail website would show was in transit.  I called the local post master and got redirected to the website to start a ticket.  Started the ticket, a few days go by and I get an email:  Unable to trace item.  Please restart the ticket.  Did that, call the post master again pretty mad by this time because really a cashiers check is like taking the money out of the bank almost.  If this thing was really lost and I had to get him a new check I really didn't have the money.

So almost 2 weeks AFTER receiving the amp I emailed the ham on a Sunday night saying that I'd made zero progress and that on Monday I'd go and get him a new check sent out as long as he agreed to return me the other check if it arrived.  He of course did.  But now I felt hung out to dry because I had very little control over that missing check.

I woke up Monday morning and about an hour before I was to go to the bank I get an email from the ham that his post office notified him the check was finally there needing his signature for pickup.

So this was almost 3 weeks from Colorado, to Washington State.

I hope you get this resolved!  Best of luck!
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Thanks for replies, Lets see what the gang at Austin have to say, I hope there open tomorrow to follow up on this situation.

Ed, kk4x

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As a 26 year employee with UPS (now retired), yes UPS does lose a package from time to time.

Normally, there is a procedure to handle high value packages. The price of a 6700 does implement this procedure. The package is unloaded at a special area. The package tracking number is entered into a log and the package is put in a very heavy duty plastic bag and put on a cart and hand delivered to the particular trailer which it to be placed into. The trailer is sent on its way. At the hub that is to receive the trailer with the high value package they remove the package from the trailer, remove the plastic bag, log the tracking number and hand deliver it to the delivery truck. then its off to you.

There are a few things that can go wrong. 

The shipper must ask for the trace and if the package is lost or damaged they will also ask for reimbursement. It does take a few weeks.

Sadly the price of a 6300 or 6500 does not trigger this procedure.

Does the tracking say if it was "delivered" or in "transit"?

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I also just noticed that you are in FL. With all the storms in that area the package may be delayed.
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Official Response

UPS found it in Jacksonville they show it as arrival Jacksonville, United States 10/09/2016 11:48 A.M.  IT ALSO ARRVIED there on the 5th of Oct.. hope I get it tomorrow then.

thanks for all the e mails gang,

Ed kk4x

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Phew!! Grats!
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Just a word of caution if you sell and ship a used high value item like a Flex 6700.  Insure it for the full value of a new item not the used price paid.  Actually, the carriers do not call it insurance they call it declared value.  If it gets lost they will depreciate it from the declared value.  It seems like double dipping on the depreciation to the favor of the carrier but that appear to be their policy.....at least with FedEx.  If you do not inflate this declared value you just might be shocked how little you get paid if the item get lost of damaged by the carrier.

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