Well 2.x remote is very cool!

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I have listened remote a lot.  I have worked a tiny bit of CW but this morning as I left for a much needed haircut I heard a local friend come on 7.155.  So I grabbed my earbuds and headed out the door.

I got to the haircut quite early as I thought they opened at 9, but it was actually 10.  So I fired up SSDR on my iPhone, plugged my earbuds and went to 7.155.  I had a few mistakes not having the right slice set for TX and not having the iPhone as mic input.

Anyway I gave my friend a call and he came back saying I was sounding "good" this morning.  Nice clear signal with good audio.  Coming from this guy that is a real compliment as he is Mr. Clean RF and audio.

Anyway after a few moments I told him I was working remote sitting in my car waiting for the haircut place to open and he was pretty amazed.  I was line of sight to a known AT&T tower so I wasn't at all stressing the cell stuff but quite frankly it worked freaking perfect.

I had my TX open pretty wide from 0 to about 3600 and he took a snap shot of my audio using his little SDR receiver.  It looks pretty darned nice to me although I have no idea how to completely decipher his display.

Anyway I just wanted to lob a compliment at FRS for how fun this is.  I had not really had the time to play with it and my first try was amazing.  Granted it was a local friend ham but still the ability to fire up my iPhone and work some one is just nutz cool!
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Posted 2 years ago

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Flex Radio has brought so much fun back to the hobby.
DXing was NEVER easier or more enjoyable.
Simple remote is just another steak on the fire, have fun Mark.
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Thanks Clay.  I'm antenna limited right now but can get out reasonably well.  Maybe if ARPA passes I can get something better up but never gonna be a mega tower and beam.

That unfortunately for me means I usually can't see the DX but still it is very cool to be able to do all of this on my phone or iPad.
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Hi Mark, glad to see you're using your remote yourself. As you know I have been grateful for being allowed access although I haven't had time to do much radio for a week or so.

The image shows good power spectral density, ie: plenty of RF at all frequencies within the tx bandwidth. However, a couple of things are also apparent: there is a fair amount of 100Hz coming in on your audio from somewhere. Given that you are remote this tends to imply it's being picked up in your shack. Also, you have some upper sideband present. Given that the signal is not huge (About S8) this is surprising. These could of course be artifacts of his receive set-up and not actually be on your signal.

I only mention it since you say you were having trouble interpreting his display. I hope this helps. 73.
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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the interpretation.  I quite frankly do not trust the receive setup.  The 100hz I could sort of understand as I checked and I had set my lo-cut to 0 by mistake but not sure where it is coming from.  The USB I have no idea.  In all the time I've had my 6500 no one else has complained.  The only minor thing I can think of is perhaps I was not quite set right for audio and over driving it a bit.