We’re set up and ready to go in Orlando!

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We’re set up and ready to go at Orlando HamCation! Come get a live demo of multiFLEX!
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Matt - KD5FGE, Employee

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Posted 1 year ago

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Jimmy Collis

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When are you going to post on YouTube
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Gary Wise

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I'm here! See you tomorrow! 73 de Gary W4EEY
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Matt (K0KB)

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How many operators per cup?
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WW1SS - Steve

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So where is the release??
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David Decoons wo2x, Elmer

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It is still being tested. It will be released whenever it is ready. The demo at Orlando is to allow people to see some of the features coming in the 3.0 release.

Flex does not specify release dates.
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WW1SS - Steve

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We know they don't specify release dates.. Didn't they have a PGXL there 2 years ago and didn't a lot of people put down $1000 to get one and they're still waiting for it.
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Craig Williams

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Looking forward to seeing it in Yuma

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Mike - VE3CKO, Elmer

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I see no coffee maker attachment feature wasn't this remote brewing feature suppose to be in v3?
Matt where are you hiding that?  In all seriousness, have a good show!
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Steve K9ZW, Elmer

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@VE3CKO - with FRS partner 4o3a's products I am working on that coffee maker attachment (for real) as well as other in shack comfort feature automation.

@Craig W and FRS - when is Yuma and will FRS be showing there?  Might be possible to divert during business travel to catch that show.

@WW1SS - you won't need a PGXL (if you have an order deposit on one) to use SmartSDR v3, but you will have twice as much PGXL fun if you did!!

It's winter-nippy as I type here in Wisconsin (circa 4 F or -16c if you're a metric-minded person) and much colder if you factor the windchill, so Hamcation looks <<REALLY>> good from here!  

Only downside I could see is that the icefishing must be lousy!

GL & 73

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Craig Williams

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Yes, Flex will be at the Yuma Hamfest.
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best of luck to you guys, I LOVE MY FLEX!!!!
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Rick WN2C

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Ok so I guess the deals are not going to Hamcation just online
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Winston VK7WH

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As I understand it Rick, there was an email from Matt Youngblood outlining the specials, and offering the same deal to customers for the duration of Hamcation
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John - K3MA

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I spent a little time going over the demo with Matt.  Here are a couple impressions.

1) If two people are accessing the radio you get a TX indication on the screen near the freq readout indicating the other user is transmitting.
2) I did not see any indication of the operating condition or frequency of the other user on the screen.  It seemed each user could operate without interference from the other operator until the time one of them goes to TX.
3) Each connected client (meaning Maestro, SmartSDR on a PC or iOS device) is identified by a name which is assigned in the menu.  This name is also transfered over to DAX and CAT so you can make selections of what you want.
4)The second user does not have their own Smartlink sign in but rather must use the same signin and password as the station owner.  Matt did verbally indicate that seperate Smartlink logins and maybe even an admin interface to control what and where the second user can go/do might be features in a future release.
5) There is a new Menu item which appears somewhat like a spreadsheet table and allows the quick administration of some operating constraints such as band and power output.  I did not spend much time on this but it looks like a faster way to look and assign come of the conditions now done with a profile.

John K3MA