Will there be a waterfall display in SmartSDR ?

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i just can NOT be the only person who misses the waterfall, too, right? I see now even Studio 1 has it...73, w5xz...yup, i know, it's coming....

(or " panafall ", actually)
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Posted 6 years ago

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I seem to remember Tim saying that it is on the list of items to add very soon after Version 1.0 is released.

I will certainly be anxiously awaiting its release once my 6500 arrives. I find the pan-fall to be one of the greatest tools I have on my 1500. It will be even more valuable with a much wider "pan-width."
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Official Response
We will definitely be including waterfall display modes in SmartSDR. It is our understanding that this is one of the most desired features that is currently not in SmartSDR, so we currently have elevated the priority on this feature.

Feel free to add an idea topic here on this subject (or other features) which will allow others to vote on the idea. This will help to align our development efforts with the desires of the community. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts!
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And when we get the waterfall, we'd like some resolution options. Like has been implemented in PowerSDR in the HPSDR thread. Slider control down to .7 Hz / bin
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As I remember the Waterfall was promised by Eric as in "without question" prior the version 1 when the clock starts ticking for subscription updates.
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I must say that now that I have the 6500 in hand, I am underwhelmed. There is a lot of promise but I guess I did not realize that at least for now, SmartSDR is a big step down in utility from where PSDR is. I still maintain hope that we are going to have something VERY soon that surpasses the usefulness of PSDR/F5k/F3k. On the top of my list of vital missing organs:
Memories - freq., cw, voicekeyer
Retain last settings
Easier and multiple methods of frequency entry/scanning
Higher resolution audio equalizing

73 de Arnie W8DU
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In the spirit of Eric's comment a question that I have for those more use to PowerSDR and SDR displays----How do you handle a spectrum AND panafall with multiple receivers?? I'm using a 3 (22 in monitor) monitor setup with 1 monitor used for SmartSDR. With up to 4 (or 8) receiver widows it would seem that PC screen would get awful cluttered. I can't imagine a more convention single or dual monitor system filled with receivers and panafalls.

I use a waterfall only in fldigi via SmartCAT (on a second monitor screen)and of course I find it very useful. BTW, my 3rd monitor is used for spotting, logging and propagation etc.

Do we anticipate switching between spectrum and panafall?
Or do we anticipate always having the spectrum and turning on a panafall when desired?
Really interested in what people are thinking? Including Flex insiders?
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Dave, good thoughts that I'm sure are challenges to getting it finished (or started) soon. Perhaps these can be options like slice receivers are at this time. Start with a spectrum display; add a slice receiver; add a waterfall (or not).
I'd like the waterfall to be adjustable height and time/speed. There are times when the waterfall is more important than the spectrum display, at those times the spectrum can occupy only a small percentage (10-30%) of the real estate for that band/segment. At other times, I man not want a waterfall, or in the rare case (like in PowerSDR) maybe even a scope instead. But getting back to basics like this has forced us to do, the scope is associated with a slice receiver and not a band/spectrum segment.
Great discussions to have before the coders start coding.