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Someone beyond an Elmer wants to set up an

FLEX 6500 and an FLEX 6300 with two new

laptop computer running Windows 7 for me to

operate phone from a headset/microphone into

the laptops using SSB and FM repeaters from

memory along with PSK-31 using FLDIGI.

n6ief    mike.lebo@gmail.com  858-278-5851

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Posted 4 years ago

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May I suggest that this is something you can easily do yourself?

First and most crucially, how are you going to get the laptop and Flexs' to talk to the computer? If you can do it with Cat5 cables it will be much more reliable than wireless networking.

Assuming you have the connectivity sorted then I would start by downloading and installing the latest version of Smart SDR on one laptop.

If you have a previous version of SSDR installed, I suggest uninstalling it and the DAX and CAT ports.

Let's assume no previous was installed.

Install the SSDR software, answer all the questions Windows will ask, YES.

Now turn on the Flex, let's say the 6300, and wait until the power light turns solid GREEN.

Now RUN Smart SDR on the computer.

Assuming the network connection is good, then you should see your radio listed on the left hand panel. CLICK on the radio, it should turn GREEN and on the right hand panel, click on CONNECT. You can also DOUBLE CLICK on the radio in the left hand panel to achieve the same thing.

It is now 99.9% certain that the radio will want to update itself - there will be a message in the bottom part of the right hand panel. Accept the upgrade process.

The power light will turn PURPLE which shows that the update has started.

A short time later, the radio will switch itself OFF and then back on, again do nothing, when it has finished booting, the Smart SDR screen will appear and you are in business but not finished.

At the top RIGHT HAND corner of the SSDR screen, there will be a button marked REMOTE, CLICK on this button to turn it ON and so long as you have the audio gain set to a reasonable level and the computer speaker turned on, you should hear something.

Now for the last bit, connect you USB headset to the computer. 


Now SELECT PLAYBACK and make sure that your headset has a GREEN tick beside it, if it doesn't, then CLICK on it, when you have the GREEN tick, CLICK on SET DEFAULT.

Now SELECT RECORDING and do the same thing again. You may want to test the playback and recording levels. Adjust them to suit yourself.

Now go back to SSDR and ensure that the Audio input is set to PC. Set the mode to SSB and the power level to 1 watt.

Now you should be in business, you should hear the incoming signal to to Flex through the headphones and if you click on MOX or PTT you should see the audio level meter move.

Assuming that everything works, job done, should take less than 20 minutes from start to finish.

Now you can repeat the process with the second laptop and Flex.

If you into problems, I can help with a combination of Skype and  Teamviewer, as I am in France, it would have to be sometime after 10am your time.

My email address is correct on QRZ - please let me know if you need any help.

Forgive me if I have missed anything out - no doubt someone else will let us both know!!

Good luck