WAN remote with 1.4 using IOS device - simple & works great!

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Hi All,

Now that 1.4 is out it has really tamed down the DAX instability I had with previous releases. I am using SSDR 1.4 with Comm Cat on both an iPad and iPhone with excellent results. Mind you there is no panadapter display but everything is working fine.

Comm Cat for the PC is a paid app but I find it is worth the money and have been a user for quite a few years. To run remote you will need a subscription to Comm Cat Live also which 1 year subscription is included with purchase of Comm Cat rewals are now $30 per year. Comm Cat Live also includes VoIP built in allowing both voice and control from IOS devices as well as another PC over WAN connections. Here is the setup I used to get up and running.

In SmartSDR CAT under the ports tab I created a dedicated pair and a PTT RTS pair.

In the setup of CommCat under settings/radio-Ant I chose Kenwood TS-2000 and under port I selected the lower of the dedicated com port pair number. Baud rate set to 38,400

Under PTT for that radio I set it to using RTS and chose the lower com port number for the PTT RTS pair created in SSDR CAT.

In Comm Cat under Settings/program/startup/Internet select Enable CommCat Live (this is after your Live account is set up by the Comm Cat author)

In CommCat under settings/program/Mobile select Mobile Enabled and make note of your Internet IP. Also make note of the LAN IP

In CommCat under settings/Live/Audio/VoIP Select Enable VoIP and select out device to DAX Audio TX 1. Set in device to DAX Audio RX 1.

Shut down Comm Cat. Start SmartSDR and then start CommCat.

In SmartSDR in slice A choose DAX 1 and make sure DAX is enabled on right in the P/CW panel.

In CommCat under view/toolbars make sure Tools and Radio Control are enabled.

On the toolbar, click on Radio A. Click on tuner. The display should show the frequency of slice A. Click on Transmit and it should toggle PTT to the radio.

On the IOS deive download CommCat Mobile.

In CommCat mobile click on more/settings/Remote Control. Enter the Internet IP and LAN Ip you copied earlier. Under Remote Radio select CommCat A radio. On top click back/settings/more. On bottom click on Tuner. You should connect to Radio A and it should show the frequency of slice A. It defaults to CW mode so choose a mode you want.

For the VoIP click on the audio button and you should have rx and tx audio to the phone.

I use a Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth with an iPhone 6 with excellent results. It may not be as full featured as Howard's solution but for a simple WAN remote it works great.

Dave, wo2x

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