WAN Now with Parallels Access and without Skype

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For the past two months I have been working with the Parallels Access app, my Ipad Air 2, my Flex 6500, my home LAN and a Home based Desktop Windows 7 Computer. With experimentation, trial, and error, I now have a functional remote system that works.

I have completed sucessful QSOs using only my IPad Air 2 linked via Parallels Access App to my home desktop that is connected to my Flex 6500 via my home LAN:

* Remote from my isolated lake house 88 miles from my radio via ATT LTE

* Mobile Remote via ATT LTE cellular network (XYL driving, me with IPAD in my lap)

* Mobile Remote in Shopping Center Parking Lot via Store Sponsored WIFI

* Mobile Remote via local Hot Spot.

What you need to make it work:

* Ipad Generation 4 or Better (Processor too slow on other models)

* Desktop Computer with fast processor connected to your Home Local Area Network

* Flex 6000 series radio connected to your LAN

* Paralles Access correctly installed on your Home Computer (Windows 7 or better, fast processors, and at least 8 Gig of memory) and your Ipad. Make sure you open the correct port on your router (in the Paralles Access how to}

* An ISP that delivers 8 mps or better

How it works.

*Your Home Desktop controls your radio remotely (just like it does when you are at home).

*Your IPAD and home sysstem run Paralles Access

*The latest version of Parallels Access connects your IPAD to your Home computer and you control it via the program and your IPAD. You are Virtually sitting in front of your Home Computer controlling your radio true remote.

Do not even attemp this or waste your time if you:

* Do not know how to configure your home router

* Currently have issues getting your set up stable (what you have works without crashing)

* Don't own a generation 4 or better IPAD with the latest IOS installed

* Have a Slow internet connection

*Have a Desktop Computer older than three years with a slow processor

*Plan to use a Laptop Computer to control your radio.


* When using the IPAD internal mic or the earbud and mic, set the mic gain to 6 (Using this setting I got good audio reports and was asked what mic I was using. The Ham I was chatting with thought I was spoofing him when I told him I was operting remote with the built in IPAD mic and speaker.}.

* Make sure the frame rate is 1 on the panadapter and you only have one band up on the screen. I plan to do a YouTube video when I can find the time that will show my system remote in action.

Please do not ask me how to configure your router or other aspects of your home system. There are so many variable and the permutations are endless. This works for me. I have WAN access to my FLEX 6500 and will fight anyone who tries to take it away from me (you would lose, I am a retired Green Beret, LOL}. This could work with an Iphone 6, but I have a Iphone 5 and the processor is not fast enough.

Good Luck KJ4AUQ


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Posted 4 years ago

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Sorry Charlie  (Sounds like a Tuna Commercial)

I do not mean to be snarky but If you search Ipad on this community you will find at least 2 different tutorials I have posted on how to do it...

I have been using that exact same configuration of iPad Remote via Parallels Access and iPhone 6+ for more than 3 years from 23 Different Countries so Far.  My only difference is that I prefer to use a bluetooth headset  http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B005JXAEGS/ref=sr_ph?ie=UTF8&qid=1436805992&sr=1&keywords=log...

BTW...I have run it on iPad 3rd generations OK -  we did that back in 2011 and 2012 when Joe KC2TN and I did (La Jolla) coast to (New Jersey) coast iPad Remotes from the Hara Arena in Dayton)

You can make frequency tuning and PTT much easier to use if you add the COMMCAT Interface for tuning.


Stu - K6TU has written an Ipad NATIVE version of SSDR (it's in Alpha) that runs on your iPad without needing a remote access to your computer...currently you need to set up a VPN... but that is incredibly easy - more tutorials are on this community for Softether VPN.

I demoed Stu's iPad Native App from the Czech Republic last week over 4G LTE and literally blew everyone's socks off... much easier to use than the Parallels Access Solution that I first published here a couple of years ago..
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Any idea how much Stu is going to charge for his apple app?  I bought his controller ap, but don't use it much now that I have a DJ MIDI controller to play with.

But an Apple based client would be a lot of fun if it doesn't set me back too much...
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That's a Stu question...

It's hard to raise the price of an App so likely he will start out at a price and see how it sells.

Been playing with it all week... definitely superior to the Parallels Access and other desktop emulation solutions that I have been using since PowerSDR days in 2011.  It is still clearly an Alpha as Stu is working very hard on adding needed features but what I was able to demo in the Czech Republic (with Stu's permission) absolutely amazes everyone.  Much smoother and much easier to use than the Parallels Access...

FYI - My first DX Remote via iPad 3 was from Tokyo then Saigon on the same day in 2011 using Skype and a desktop emulator on PowerSDR on a 5000. 

Most of my iPad remotes seem to be from shoe stores waiting for the XYL to try on shoes...
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No Snarkyness received.  I look at this as an interim until the Native app comes out.  The difference is your article tells how in great detail.  I wanted to emphasize " do not try it with an iphone 5 or 3rd gen Ipad or on a little tin box computer "  May have missed that in your tutorial.  I look forward to the app coming on line. I use Parallel Access for other things too.  Actually, your write ups is what got me interested in doing the Parallels thing, but I believe with the older version of the app, you needed Skype also.  Correct me if I am wrong.  Thanks for your input.


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You are correct about the older versions needing Skype but they fixed that more than a year ago.