WAE DX contest - raw scores

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Based on raw scores, it looks like I am #1 in North America for the Worked All Europe DX contest, SOHP. This is actually the first time I did a serious effort in this contest. Due to poor band conditions I was only able to operate 253⁄4 hours since we had a radio blackout on Sunday. I was also told that often I was one of the few signals on the band they could hear. I placed 13th in the world, but it's close so I have a chance of going to 12th place. We will see with log checking.

Hopefully the result holds, but I am about 2x in points to the next nearest competitor so unless something really bad happens, I've won NA and I get a nice shiny plaque. 

But how cool is that! 

See the raw scores here: 


Let's see how the rest of the contest season unfolds. Hoping my Flex-6700 can make some serious waves!
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Posted 2 years ago

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Congrats on the big win Ria, hope the log holds up.

Way to go!

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Congratulations on a great job, Ria.
I guess the big antenna is back up?
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Nice job Ria!
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Congratulations! I love contesting.  Where else can you find a reason to lock yourself in the shack for hours, if not days, at a time.  :)
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Now that WTRC2018 teams have been announced the 2017/2018 contest season is going to be quite low key compared to the previous 4 years.

This is a general observation, not trying to diminish Ria’s accomplishment.
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That is somewhat true, but the solar storms also killed off a lot of activity.  There are many who don't really care about WRTC. Some of the bigger guns really weren't in the running for WAE despite top 10 and even winning USA. The qualification criteria is more broad based rather than just winning the major contests. 
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Congratulations on the high placement in the contest. 
The solar storms have been something as of late! 

73's - k3Tim
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The declining solar activity is a great opportunity to develop or enhance low band antennas. 160 thru 40 have been really good so investing in RX antennas is well worth the effort.
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I have a bunch of them - Beverages, 1/4 wave vertical (soon to be phased array) etc. I always like the low solar conditions because it's less confusion on the upper bands. 
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Proof is in the pudding.

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Congrats Ria. This is awesome !
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Impressive! Congrats!!!

RT5A  73!
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Great work. Hope we work each other in some Contests. But I work mostly CW...
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I work CW as well. I did the ARRL DX CW and CQWW CW this season (season starts with CQWW SSB for us). Next one I'll be doing is likely CQMM DX.