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I was playing with some screen capture software and made a 6-minute HD video while running in ARRL 10M CW on Sunday - no great shakes, but I thought it would be nice to get more Flex 6500 videos up on youtube:

73, Barry N1EU
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Barry N1EU

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Posted 4 years ago

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Mark - WS7M

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Cool video during an active period.  I can't conceive not having that display.
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K1UO - Larry

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Barry..  I notice your filter bw was manually set to 423..   was that to cut the Latency a bit?
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Barry N1EU

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Yes Larry.

I can't access this forum now from my PC because of a problem with the Flex SSL cert
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Barry, what video / audio capture program did you use?
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I noticed a couple of things. FIrst, I always run QSK, so I feel "blind" when you're sending and not hearing what is going on behind you (not that it mattered in this contest). Lower tone (I use 650) sounds good to my ear with the narrower filter - I will have to try it. Most importantly, I didn't notice any turnaround issues at your chosen 30 wpm. I paid a lot more attention to it when I spent a couple of hours in the contest this past weekend, and I didn't hear any issues either. I tended to run 800 Hz filter and did all S&P so your example is a little more demanding. Thanks for sharing!
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Duane. As my ears have aged, and I have started doing more competitive CW, I have also shifted my RX tone down... First to 600, now I am at 500 Hz, which matches the 500 Hz RX EQ slider very nicely to get added smoothing of the audio passband. I find two great advantages. First, there's less operator fatigue listening at a lower frequency. Second, there is a greater percentage difference for the same frequency offset for off frequency stations. This makes it easier to separate stations in the passband. (Although this isn't much of a problem with the 50 Hz filters!).
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A very good example of being able to work the weak ones while being amongst the strong ones.
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Sorry guys, I was completely cut off from this forum for the past 5 hours.  I eeked out a response to K1UO from my phone (took me a LONG time) but that was it.  

I don't run QSK because if I spend MANY hours running in a weekend contest, the intra-message silence that PTT keying affords is irresistible and I really don't miss much at all not running QSK.

I never thought there would be "turn-around" issues with the Flex and none were noticed.

I'm a long-time topband dx'er and all the experts there taught me long ago to use a lower sidetone pitch (I use 450-500hz) as an advantage to pulling out very weak signals from topband noise.

The video was made using Camtasia Studio 8.

Thanks & 73,
Barry N1EU