VHF transverter tests - Flex 6500

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First outing for the Flex 6500 and Kuhne TR144H transverter combo.

Two images from the Flex using my Kuhne TR series 2m transverter on ZL3RC's 14 element HB antenna

Right hand trace is ZL2WHO in Palmerston North - about 490km .. and the right trace the Wellington 2m beacon ZL2UHF - about 300km

The JT4 signal on ZL2UHF stands out well in the receiver panadaptor and we could read the individual characters at ZL2WHO

Both v impressed ..

Will move into my new QTH in early 2016 - where I will have 4 x 16 elements at 18m up for EME ...

Looking forward to running the Flex off the moon :)


Simon ZL4PLM

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Simon Lewis

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Posted 3 years ago

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Clive - G4KCM

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Hi Simon,  I have been reading your posts regarding transverters and I as I am about to take the plunge and order Khune transverters to compliment my Flex 6500, I was wondering if there were any hints, tips or lessons learn that you would be willing to pass on.

What I am basically looking at doing is getting a set up that will do 2m, 70cm & 23cm via the Khune xverters and the Flex. Its all part of my pre-retirement kit collection strategy with a view to getting back on satellite communication and also possibly EME when I have some more time to play!  

I have to say that having migrated through 'conventional' rigs via early SDR sets to the 6500 I have no desire to use anything else than the 6500 on any band and hence the quest for some top quality xverters which I believe the Khune equipment to be.

One question that immediately comes to mind is the choice of IF i.e. do you use 28-30 Mhz for all and do you use the TR6SW switch?

Looking forward to your response and many thanks in anticipation.

Best 73

Clive, G4KCM
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Marc Lalonde

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Hi Simon  

happy that my old radio finally do good weak signal on VHF  
here was way to much noise for make it happen ...

still wait to move the 6700 on decent  remote location

also that was my own personal Kuhne MKU 144 G2 Transverter whit 1.2Kw 
it back to the bench this week for add a RF Relay for 144 or 28 IF

P.S the new IF Band decoder trough LAN was almost done ,what new PCB batch delivery

73!  Marc  VE2OLM