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Feedback from Dayton that I’m hearing is that many Flex users don’t like the auto save profiles in version 3, and that this issue might be what is delaying the release of version 2.5 If v2.5 was delayed for this reason it speaks loudly, and in a positive way. FRS is listening!

One major component of software development should be “VOC” (Voice of the Customer). It seems to me that Flex’s definition of VOC is the “contesters”. While we don’t have their sales statistics, I think it’s safe to say that FRS sells many more radios to individual operators than to the big contest’ers. It begs the question, so why does development seem to be contest focused? Could it be all the fre publicity they receive from contest'ers and DXpeditions? Perhaps ...

In my case I created separate profiles for each band / mode, with and without my amplifier drive settings. After thinking about it, I realized that I do make minor tweaks, that with this new system would automatically be saved. That could result in some expensive mishaps such as pumping 100W into my amp!

One possible solution might be that when you switch bands, profiles, or when powering down the radio a screen pops up which says, “Changes were made to your profile do you want these to be saved?” This would raise the operator’s awareness and provide a way to effectively disable the new feature. Let me be very clear; I am not complaining – just offering some user feedback that may have not been considered. And in closing, how about the results of that user survey? I’m very curious why one key question was not included – “are you primarily a contest operator?” That would have provided them with a more accurate picture of who their customer really is, or have they decided that's who is more important?

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I don't think there is a delay on v2.50 or v3.49. FRS's staff have not all arrived back to Austin from Dayton/Xenia yet.
The Profile issue will most likely be addressed in another point update.
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WA2SQQ, Eric was asking for your thoughts on the auto save feature in another post.

From where I stand, I used to think that V3 was again all about the contesters. I thought, here we go again. But after reading many comments as to how many are using multi client, it seems clear to me that it is about 50/50.  There are many uses for this feature outside of contesteing.

V2 came out with Smart Link, Multi Client is a natural progression from V2 features.

I don't beleive this discussion on Auto Save will delay 2.5.  After Eric collects the information he needs, Flex needs to plan, implement, and test. This could take several weeks.