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Here is a Version 3 scenario I think would be FAR more common than unknown Hams remotely operating an unattended FLEX station:

A FLEX owner is rag chewing with a ham friend. HAM FRIEND is curious about the FLEX so OWNER says "Would you like to try my FLEX without leaving home?"

HAM FRIEND: "You have to be kidding?"

FLEX OWNER: "Nope. I'll email you a link to a piece of FLEX software that you download and install on a Windows computer. It will take you less than 15 minutes. Then I will email you a special password to let you use my FLEX 6000 over the internet while I'm sitting here watching you on the screen. We'll also continue talking on ham radio so I can guide you."

HAM FRIEND: "Will this screw up my computer?"

FLEX OWNER: "I've never seen it cause a problem. And when we're done you can uninstall it with no ill effects."

HAM FRIEND: "What do I do after I install it?"

FLEX OWNER: "I'll guide you through several steps to log into my FLEX and you will be on the air."

Etc... And when we are done I will change the password as if nothing had happened. (CAVEAT: I have run Starbucks and MacDonald's Remote with V2 but not installed V3 so have no experience with it, yet.)

OK, so what's wrong with this imaginary scenario? This is how I'd like to run V3 remote. I would like to hear some thoughtful comments.

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Posted 7 months ago

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That should work. You can create a second SmartLink account and re-register the radio on that account. Now anyone you give the login credentials can access the radio.

There are plenty of topics on here how to configure it as we as examples of limitations (single SCU radio, antennas, tuner, amp, etc).

But to let someone drive your radio remotely it will work fine

Dave wo2x
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"while I'm sitting here watching you on the screen. We'll also continue talking on ham radio so I can guide you."

I dont think you can visually monitor your friend using MultiFlex ?  Nor do I think you can you keep talking to him on ham radio to guide him.

You can do this over a Zoom or Skype video conference session very easily even with SSDR V2.  Your friend would have control of the radio and you would mentor him over Skype or Zoom session by him sharing his screen with you. 

However, I get what you mean and desire with V3 MultFlex but not sure that is possible ?
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Good Idea, but I would add that at the very end, before you give him your password, you tell him this " I Take PayPal, so please send me $100 for the privilege of using the best radio in the world, "FLEX"!!! :-)  LOL

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Perhaps I am misguided but I feel that I should be able to revoke rights to my radio as easy as I can give them out.  I should also have logs of when people connect or disconnect.  Logs should also tell me what they did while using my radio.  I really dont like the idea that my password could leak into the hands of QRMrs and I have no idea my radio was used for evil. I should be able to have granular control over the rights I assign to someone entering my radio. RemoteHams does this with open source software for free. I really dont think this part of multiflex is ready for prime time. 
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That may come as MultiFlex matures.

Right now whomever has the credentials to the account the radio is registered to will have access.

At any time you can deregister the radio from SmartLink and leave it deregistered or register to another account.

There are no log files so you better really trust the people using your radio.

Dave wo2x
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Flex should take a look at how remotehams.com handle multi user accounts and connections.  I can ban any user at any time.  I can also restrict access to RX only or only give access to certain controls on the radio. Everything is logged. They have a vetting process whereby the person who requests TX access submit valid licensing paperwork and agrees to follow the rules set forth by the radio owner.

But yes, hopefully Flex will get there as V3 matures.
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In the mean time, having both a "Private" remote account and a "Shared" remote account that you use only when you want others to be able to log in to your rig will work.  When you are finished sharing, or decide NOT to let them use it any more, then simply change the account to which the rig is registered back to your "Private" remote account, or change the password on the shared account.  

Ken - NM9P
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This one went over my head, Ken. Can you elaborate? TNX Dave.