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V2 Promise for June release is yet another vapor ware promise. A continuing saga that will break a company. Lack of proper communications to their customers, problems with over selling and under delivering. I am so disappointed to have done business with a company that fails to provide what they have promised.

What kills me even more is knowing I tried to do business with a Texas Based Company rather than ordering from somewhere else such as a Japanese company. It is now officially July 1, 2017 and we still do not have V2. I would much rather than have a buggy software platform that starts to offer me the feature I demanded at order date and was promised than to not have it at all..
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Official Response
Dear Eric,

I sincerely apologize and ask our forgiveness for any pain, anguish and suffering you are feeling because we did not release v2 yesterday.  Though I have the authority to rush products out the door I simply will not and therefore the buck stops with me.  By holding v2 back I am also holding back revenue for the company.  I would rather have it done right to the best of our human ability than to have the revenue yesterday.

Earlier this week, I publicly addressed our status of v2. in the following Community post:


On 6/26 we had 20 issues remaining to be cleared before a Release Candidate could be sent to our alpha team.  As of yesterday evening two remained.  Those two are deemed critical to release of the RC so we will not do so until they are done.  

Our development team has been focused for months solely on completing SmartSDR v2.  Our June estimate was an honest goal relative to where we thought we were at the time we made the estimate.  I think the following post W9OY earlier on the Community where he relates it to surgery is a perfect analogy:

I know when v 2 will be released, when it's ready. I'm an anesthesiologist by profession and you would not believe the number of patients who want to know how long the surgery is going to take. It takes as long as it takes and not a minute more. Only a dumbass would base his surgery on speed and not success. Flex could have put out a version and called it version 2 at any time and charged you for it. Instead they have continued to add value to version 1 month after month year after year. What's the reward? Bitchin. Maybe they should put out version 3 in 6 months and charge you another $200. Bet you all would be real happy then. 
73 W9OY
We allow a great deal of latitude, within limits, for free speech here.  I personally try to read and respond as time permits.  Unfortunately, free speech does not always serve well those who choose to exercise it and may at times work against their own self interest.  There are plenty of examples of this every day in the public discourse on all forms of social media.

Eric, here are the facts relative to v2.0 as they stand today:
  1. Once we complete the two remaining critical issues, we will send the RC to our alpha test team for their testing.  
  2. If there are no issues found in testing deemed critical by the development team, we can then go to general release (GA).
  3. If critical issues are identified in the RC, we will "rinse and repeat" until no more critical issues are found.  
  4. I will not override the development team's judgement relative to shipment before all critical issues are resolved.  No amount of complaining here will change that decision.
  5. I have asked our development team not to read the Community during this time because that would have a negative adverse affect on the delivery time.
  6. Nothing said here on this forum will speed this process and could in fact impede.
My only promise is that SmartSDR will ship when it is deemed ready.  I cannot say now the exact day and hour or that it will be perfect and meet every single person's expectations.  In fact I can guarantee that it won't meet everyone's expectations.  

Eric, once again I apologize for causing you such anguish.

Gerald, K5SDR