v2 Smart SDR / Smartlink doesnt work with at least one of the USA's biggest ISP plus more...

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Bottom line 

V2 Doesn't work (no real time display or waterfall) on Windows (by passing router and firewall etc) IPAD does have a real time display but no waterfall - all via Brighthouse (now Spectrum Communications).  Reading Flex response - its not our problem - Brighthouse/Spectrum - its not our problem

Spectrum Level 3 support tells me they are not blocking anything inc fragmented UDP, they can't do anything.  Given it is a known issue and Spectrum is one of the countries largest ISP I'm pretty miffed.

Works great if I use my mifi on Verizon at and extra $45 month.

Any thoughts?

Kev KL4H / G0UZJ

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Posted 2 years ago

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hi Kevin

From my previous post and with a few questions at the end
. "quite a few networks use PPPoE. This adds an 8 byte header to the already maxed out 1500 byte packet. So this packet would require fragmenting, but the "do not fragment" flag is set by the software so the oversize packet cannot pass.

"Since Ethernet has a maximum payload size of 1500 octets, the PPPoE header is 6 octets and the PPP Protocol ID is 2 octets, the PPP MTU MUST NOT be greater than 1492."

"on the VITA64 packets from the flex the do not fragement (DF) flag is set, this causes packets to be dropped as they are larger than the MTU size of 1500 on the VDSL infrastructure."

Does anybody know how many ISP providers or cellular networks use PPPoE?

Do flex intend to make there software compatible with these networks.

Would a warning with the software that it won't work on networks using PPPoE not be a good idea to prevent purchase by people who will encounter the problem.

There appears to be rather a lot of posts with the same issue though I'm sure the official response will be it's a tiny percentage?
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Really useful information Andy appreciate it. 

I have had no comment out of Flex, its a pitty really as V2 is really good, but useless on my home and my works network. 

I agree it should come with a warning that it does not work on all networks but I doubt they will do that because people may interpret it in such a way which will effect sales. They lost a sale from me anyway, there's no way I'm buying a Maestro now.

Kev KL4H / G0UZJ

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Another thought out of the blue. If the WiFi / ISP connection at the remote end is blocking fragmented packets and, or is misconfigured in some other way, then your ISP at the shack end could very well, not be the problem. It might work at the local library, yet fail to work at the coffee shop across the street. Not sure how much success anyone will have trying to convince a Fast Food manager to check/reconfigure his router settings. It might work at one McDonalds, but not at every McDonalds. If you personally select providers at both ends of the connection  you can avoid this when there are choices available. May not work today, might work fine later, and vice-versa. Changes Happen.

It's tough living in a world you can't control!

73 Jay / NO5J   
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Hmmm   Spectrum works here in So CA no problems. Breaking the Vita64 standard, good luck with that!  Certain 3 letter guvment agencies ending in the initial 'A' will show up on your doorstep. 

Good Luck with a resolution. 

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Works here in Central Fla 
I'm just North of Orlando and you just South (KISSIMMEE, FL 34744)
So I'm thinking we are on the same ISP I did ALPHA testing here using Bright House now Spectrum with no problems.
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I did Alpha Testing with Spectrum in California (Healdsburg, Los Angeles and San Diego) as well as Orange in France (Paris, SABLET , Antibes). No issues EXCEPT i initially had no waterfall but a remote reboot of my DOCIS 3.0 Cable Modem at the base in San Diego cured the issue.