V2 and windows 10 update DAX issues.

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I am running V2 Smart SDR on windows 10

I have never previously had an issue with any Windows 10 updates but last night I applied the latest windows 10 update (Quite a major one) and on reboot my DAX control panel reported a problem.

I know other people had DAX driver issues previously when updating windows.

On investigation in the windows device manager DAX IQ channels 1 and 4 had been renamed "DAX Audio RX1" & 4. Channels 2 and 3 remained working OK and were named "DAX IQ RX2" & 3

Uninstalling V2 and the DAX driver and reinstalling sorted the problem out.

Not sure if its a deficiency in windows or the Smart SDR DAX driver itself.

Also be careful to read the instructions during the uninstall, first time I didn't read them properly and when the yes or no buttons were offered with regards to the dax driver I clicked yes assuming it was asking if I wanted to uninstall the driver, in fact it was asking if I wanted to leave the driver on the system ;)
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Posted 2 years ago

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There is a lot to like about Win 10.  I have to work in it (coding) every day.  There is also a lot to be really frustrated by.  Twice now I've had my work computer decide it needed to update while I was away in a meeting.  Come back to find it updating away.

I have tried a number of things to prevent Windows updates but there are some that unless you are a true big enterprise organization seem to get through regardless.
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To stop the Windows 10 update, I set the property of the connection to "metered", I just have to manage the updates properly after that...
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How is that done?
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The only reliable cure that I have found, so far, for this phenomenon is Windows 7.

When it comes to producing a reliable production operating system, Microsoft has lost their way.
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I also never had any problems as any update was done while my 6500 was off. That "major" update also caused the same problem for me, thankfully just before v2.0 was released. It all presented itself with motivation to start clean. I'm wondering if anyone has discovered exactly what files get changed? Might it be possible to simply restore only those files from an incremented backup?
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I've just had the same problem but followed the instructions provided by FLEX under "How to manually re-install DAX Drivers" but of course changing the Folder to the new SmartSDR v2.0.17"

It's lengthy process but worked thank goodness!
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Windows 10 is the killer of drivers. It is apparently starting on video drivers as well as audio ones now. I haven't had that one.

I found that WSPR was killed by the latest update. Wasn't expecting that one.

But I have taken the approach of revolution deep uninstalling and reinstalling everything whenever I get an update. It then becomes something I just have to do as habit instead of getting angry at a superb radio on a poor Operating System.

As for whether it is Flex software's problem or Windows 10's problem, I can state with certainty that my Windows 7 installation on my ima wurring in Bootcamp has not failed once. People can draw their conclusions from that, but if I had to have reliability, I'd stick with 7.
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As best as we can tell, it is a Windows issue. Other drivers have issues with the Win10 updates, not just DAX.
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I also was a victim today of the latest Win 10 update.
Needed to uninstall and install the DAX drivers manually with success.

This is the second time I have had to recover DAX from a Win 10 update.
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Got me too on V1 so I guess the fix is to do a complete uninstall and then reinstall.

Is that correct?
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Yes, same fix as it was with v1
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I did a complete uninstall being careful when being asked if you want to leave the dax driver on the system you say no. Then you reinstall. All fixed!

Messed my dxlab up as well. Which I'm still trying to fix!