V2.2.2.292 (Feature) OK What is it

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V2.2.2.292 (Feature) 

Ok what it this ver of the Radio (6400M) I told it to load first; thinking that it was the latest installment.  Being trained by Dr Spock while on board the Enterprise, in logic and also having never seen Ver or Rev No's go backward. 2.2.2****  supersedes 2.1.3*** but then again I am in Texas.....  Ver 2.1.32 is also there and today loaded it this morning don't think I could tell the difference if I knew.  Still a kludge start up and a unreasonably long multi press system.
Mostly wondering what V2.2.2.292 is.  I made a couple of profiles and got it going with it.
I do not nor want to use a computer attached.
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Posted 2 years ago

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You're not the first person to mention the start-up confusion of SmartSDR software.  I had a similar issue when I bought my 6700 a couple of years ago.  It's a shame this start up software version confusion continues. 

Bottom line, load the latest version and ignore commands to load (or download) older versions of the software.  After you do this the first time, the start up process calms down.
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You should not be seeing the v2.2.2. Please send me an email (neal@flexradio.com) so I can work to fix this problem!

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His radio is clairvoyant! It's seeing future releases! Quick, ask it what tonight's Lotto numbers are!
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Or with this software you can tune into Future Transmissions, like in the twilight zone, or Outer Limits.. Tune in the news and find out who wins the Kentucky Derby!!! :-)  Well for that you need to wait till next year, so the Belmont race is next.. Triple Crown,,  OK, so I watch to much TV...
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Thanks Neal it doesn't seem to be a problem I did manage to get it running and somewhat setup and it does what I think I want it to more or less to a point.  The only reallllllly annoying thing that I am finding is the baby-setting to nurse it to start up where I left it when turned off.  What info do you need from me other than what is listed.
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Future, not feature?
Is not it what I am waiting for, v.
When will it be released? and what new features are in it?

73 de JI1BNU
Ken Yamada
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Thats still secret ... if they told you then you would have to be deflexed so you wouldnt remember what you were told :-)