Using Flex and V3 for Club station - Issues?

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Considering using Flex for the club station so members won't have to drive to the station to operate. Some questions have come up in discussions.

1. What should we do if someone logs in and goes on vacation or what ever?

2. Legal/FCC issues if someone operates club station on freq outside their license?

3. Any suggestions to method of tracking who is accessing radio in/out times etc?
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Posted 1 year ago

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1. You can always disconnect clients from another client.  You list the clients, click on one and disconnect it.
2. Today this is something you will have to run on the honor system (as you would in a club station).  We will likely address this in the future.
3. Today we (FlexRadio) have no automated method or software to handle scheduling.  
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1) Consider a DLI Data Loggers Web Control
Switch to reboot radio, switch antenna’s
Reboot Router, Turn System On/Off if
Needed, etc
If someone goes on vacation and leaves it
On, Just force a client disconnect as Steve
Mentioned above
2) Educate your users for now
3) TBD for now

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As Steve says there is no built in scheduling.  But since the club should work on the honor system you could use a web based scheduling too where people can login and book time.

If you do go this route, and I think you will be happy if you do here are some things to consider:

Mike at the beach as great suggestions:

1) A remote A/C power switch to turn various things on/off.  This is an absolute must.  This is your fall back way to reset everything or if you want to ensure power if off then a session is done.  By far the best way to shutdown the radio is using the remote on port (see #2)

2) Remote controlled relay to allow restart of the radio using the remote on port.  This is the desired way to start/stop the radio remotely rather than just remove power

3) Instructions.  Each person in the club that wants to use the station will need to install SmartSDR and for some this is very confusing what all the various pieces do.  You can save yourself a lot of grief with a nicely setup PDF document people can download that describes your remote tools like the A/C switch, remote relay etc AND how to install and use SmartSDR on base level.

A $35 raspberry Pi can be setup with both a Web server and if desired a VPN.   If anyone in your club is web handy a very simple set of web pages can be created on the Pi to allow users to schedule time and toggle your on/off devices.

Rather than expose the relays and DLI A/C switch directly on the internet, hiding it behind a Pi web server is nice and easy.  Also the Pi has general purpose IO and for a few more dollars you can buy relays it will drive.

I use this as my primary station controller.  It has a password login and once in I can control many different things in the station.  I keep the interface very simplistic so it loads and runs very fast:

The web code in the Pi knows how to toggle the relays for the Flex remote on and also how to control the DLI AC switch.

Creates a very nice, simple place for almost complete station control.

I can imagine for your use that this Pi web page could include your scheduling.   

Mark - WS7M

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Mark, would you be willing to share that? I have setup a pi with a relay board and can turn on my Flex and my PC remotely. I am using VNC connect, and just remote into the Pi and then run the Python script. It is kinda ugly! A little web page with be cool. Thanks W1ip. Paul
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Hi Paul,

I am more than willing to share.  I've done a rasp Pi image for another flexer but he is still having some VPN issues.

Email me at: