Using a flex radio to adjust other radios

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Adjusting the Flex 1500 using WWV is very simple. I love that feature. Once you have your Flex 1500 adjusted you should be in a position to use that same flex radio to adjust other "regular" radios that might have gone out of frecuency.

Back home in Spain, to get your radio checked at a reputable shop you have to pay $100 plus shipping back and forth, unless the shop is driving distance.
That normally includes looking at all the parameters and adjusting when needed.
I imagine the main adjustments are making sure power output is within spec, that the meter measures things correctly and most importantly to make sure you are transmitting on the same frecuency as in the display.

It seems that the average proper lab to conduct this type of work requires an Oscilloscope, a Signal Generator, a Dummy load and a decent RF and wattimeter.

My question/idea is to use the Flex 1500 as the Oscilloscope and Signal generator.

What are some of the things I should keep in mind if I want to do this?

I imagine using some type of attenuator to send RF into the FLex 1500 would make sense.
Using a good power supply, etc..

What else can you guys think of? Does it make sense to use the Flex instead of spending about $500 for a decent oscilloscope and another $200 for a Signal Generator? 
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Hi Salvador,

I do that kind of thing with my trusy Flex-1500 too. But you don't want to be feeding it with direct RF from any source. Just put a short wire antenna on it and pick up the RF over the air from the rig pumping into the dummy load.

You can do a lot without an oscilloscope. The Flex-1500 already has one in its display anyway. But for getting rigs aligned in frequency, just listen to a beat note between the rig under test and a reference signal. I think the Flex-1500 can generate its own reference signal too. It's a pretty versatile rig.

73 de Dave, N7AIG

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Good point about no feeding rf directly in.
Maybe dummy loads on both the Flex 1500 and the radio to be adjusted. That way you can also send a reference signal with the flex.