Update to 1.10.16 fails. Tried the instructions in the release notes and now my radio is a BRICK

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I read the release notes before I tried to update the radio from 1.9.13 to 1.10.16 and saw the instructions about what to do "on rare occasions" (my ass) when the update might hang.  I should have stopped right there.  I waited an hour before I tried anything after it hung.  Not only do your instructions not work, the radio now sits with a purple indicator saying "UPDATING SOFTWARE" on the 6700 front panel. 

Not only would the radio NOT power down after holding the power button for FIVE MINUTES, it now powers up in "UPDATING SOFTWARE" mode and no version of the software past or present will even recognize the radio EVEN AFTER REBOOTING MY PC MULTIPLE TIMES.  MY FLEX-6700 FOR WHICH I PAID THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IS NOW A BRICK!!! 

Thank you so much for letting this garbage out the door thinking that a simple caveat would help.  I WILL ABSOLUTELY NEVER TRUST AN UPDATE OF YOURS UNTIL IT HAS BEEN OUT FOR AT LEAST SIX MONTHS.  NOW BE SO KIND AS TO FIX MY RADIO AS I NOW HAVE NOTHING TO GET ON THE AIR WITH. 

At this point you have no idea how absolutely furious I am with this worthless hunk of sheet metal.
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  • Furious beyond words

Posted 3 years ago

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If you are not an actual troll you should be ashamed at yourself - everyone understands frustrations, but gutter manners - what makes you so important that you can cuss at the very friends of the community and the manufacturer who can help you.  

Putting that all aside as just a bad day or difficult time, did you try the factory setting reboot process?

"RESTORING TO FACTORY DEFAULTS On the FLEX-6500 or FLEX-6700, restore to factory defaults hold down the “OK” button on the front panel of the radio while you press the power button. On the FLEX-6300, hold down the power button until the LED blinks purple. This will clear any memories in the radio and return them back to their original state. NOTE: This should only be used as a last resort. Contact support if you are having trouble with your radio."
It is a shame that you are having troubles, but let's see if things can be improved by reseting your hung radio.


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I think you will find many willing to give you a handfull of money in exchange for your unusable junk ! How much do you want for it. Exchange for a new Apache maybe ?
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The update to 16 went fine, no issues on W10x64.   The last major Flex issue I had was with my Flex5000 when it would not key on CW.   I figured it was hardware and got Flex involved and decided to make myself frustrated and less civil than necessary.  Flex on the other hand worked professionally and calmly with me. 

You know what it was???  In my zeal to save CPU cycles I had shutdown an audio service in W that by its name seemed unrelated - because I didn't know how CW was generated in the 5000.   Too much wasted energy being frustrated with Flex.  Too little knowledge in my head. 

DUH! I'm still trying to wash off the idiot stamp.   Bottom line, my experience tells me to ask, "what did I do??"  

Forty+ years ago a ham by the name of Tom Morgavi was the Collins experts who repaired and aligned many hams' gear.  When they would bring the gear in he would ask them to bring their tweaking tools, then he took them away.  Different time, same issues and from time to time we all do it. 

Today's gear is complicated. I am not picking at the original post, but just relating my personal experience.  The frustration is loud and clear.

Be calm. Gather  data.  Test solutions.  Ask for help when you run out of ideas. 
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The thought this should never happen to a $7000 radio. Check the manual for the Icom 7700
with its caution on updates. If the update messes up, you have to send the radio in and it will
be at your expense. Even if the radio is under warranty. Same for the 7851, flagship radio.
Check the manuals on Icom's latest radios. Flex Radio treats all their customers fair and with
respect. They have always done right by me.

73, Jim N9VC
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I couldnt agree more. I guess no ones ever had the computer go out on a $70K truck before...lol. If its a computer, its possible to have issues. Nature of the beast. Guess some should go back to tube radios.
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I leased a new $125,000 BMW 750Li which burned 1-2 quarts of oil every 750 miles.

It should not happen to that class of car but it did.

BMW Said nothing was wrong and refused to fix it albeit they gave me free case of oil every 2,000 miles or so as part of their included maintenance program. I actually thought I had caused the issue by driving 180MPH in GERMANY within the first 500km. But later I found out it was a design error endemic to that model year.

At least Flex is pretty good about standing behind their customers.

BTW. Now leasing a Tesla. No oil USED ANYWHERE.

The moral of the story is that no one can anticipate everything but if the manufacturer stands behind the product like Flex does you should be ok.
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Big Bucks.... BMW & Tesla.

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