update on my post.i.e. fed up waiting

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well I got flex out of its box when 1.50 came out with high hopes but I still stand by my statement about a workable nb and nr as for the wnb what a waste of time,back it goes in the box until they try again mybe one day they will get it rite,untill then I will carry on with my ftdx9000mp with useable functions
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Posted 5 years ago

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Tony... I hear ya.  And also feel your frustration.  I waited 2 years before I jump on the band wagon because of solely noise mitigation not there in the flex.  I suspect there are many others.

I think in the end the Yaesu FTDX line has done a wonderful job of dealing with noise.  I believe not only do they have a superior NB, WNB and NR but they also have a well tuned audio out of the box.  It makes for a very pleasant listening environment.

However, I am enjoying all the features of the flex, while tolerating the challenges around noise mitigation.  I also love the community.   All of you are very welcoming and I have personally learned a ton in the past few weeks.

In the end I love my flex and can live with the higher noise levels than what I had.  Unfortunately  I already promised my FTDX3k to my father and will be down to just the flex.  I dont think its a consolation and somewhat even enjoy the ride.

I say keep it available and let it be what it is for you. 
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I too love the flex but cannt stand the noise
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It depends on the noise, its mechanism of generation and origin in near field or far field.
I run the AGC-T, RF gain etc to the point of only just hearing the noise.
I get huge S/N gains on local noise from a Pixel loop on a chimney above the radio room.
The WNB eliminates the wide band buzz from the AC unit at my location and nextdoor.
It also eliminates the noise from nearby powerlines due to arcing.
NB works better on impulse noise.
There is little effect though on the far field noises from the large city I can see over 180 degrees from my location.
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Curious with these comments. I had a FTdx9000C and in my estimation (or at least at my QTH) the Flex NR and WNB is light years ahead of that radio.
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That's proberley why they stopped making the contest version
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Same radio as the D and MP.
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weird ... I'm a retired electronics engineer and own most every receiver Collins, Drake, National, and several others have designed. I've had my 6300 a year now, and was so impressed that I, just this week, traded up to a 6500. Never .. have I seen such performance. I operate AM and CW .. NR elevates signals in the noise to something that bites .. workable signals from nothing. same with WNB .. wideband interference be gone!
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Is there anyway you could record your noise profiles (like Ken did with his tutorials) and post them to this site? 

It would also be most helpful if you could record and post the comparison with your Yaesu...

Perhaps one of the Flex noise mitigation geniuses might be able to diagnose what is so special about your noise that WNB and NR do not work and fix them in a future software release.
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Though it may require the use of an NDA, maybe FRS would consider the release of some of their noise samples that I am sure they use to test the results of their noise mitigation work. Without such a library, I doubt that meaningful research could be done.
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While I agree with where you are going with that suggestion Howard, given everybody that has weighed in so far, perhaps everybody should post videos of their own representative noise.
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For what it is worth I have found two things with the SmartSDR noise improvement controls:

First they seem to take a bit of fiddling to get right. 

Second you seem to need to have another radio to do A/B comparisons to truly understand what the radio is doing.

I've had the change to do A/B with an IC-7800 and with a Hilberling PT-8800A, and consistently the Flex-6700 could hear DX that the other didn't.  The other two produced "prettier sounding output" in some configurations, but the Flex could pull out more.

There is a downside to a radio that hears more, is that "more" includes more noise.

Oh - I also had to set aside my usual style of setting up a radio with the Flex as the usual sort of settings magnified the noise floor needlessly.

Of course YYMV, but certainly you won't learn how to make the radio work for you if it is boxed up and put away either!


Steve K9ZW

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I will admit I am a little surprised at the development of the WNB. I thought they were working on something that works on all kinds of noise, a blanket if you will. But they created it to work on a certain type of noise, mostly AC noise. Seems Flex decided on AC noise as it is the most common type for most locations. And since the 6000's are truly able to work with wide band sampling, why not.

As for me WNB works great, on 40M at night the band is closed for me unless WNB is on. I still can't believe how well it works. But for others as I read, WNB has no effect on the noise they have and they feel that WNB is not done right. But It just means their noise is not the type WNB is made for. I think they will continue to tweak the NR and NB going ahead. I don't think they are all done yet, and they hear us....
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Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a single algorithm ("blanket") that works on all kinds of noise.  Steve covers some of this in his DCC presentation that has been posted on the Community.  
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At my QTH I have a strong pulse noise generated by an electric fence (1 pulse / sec)  just a few meters from my vertical antenna for the low bands. I am not able to blank it with the WNB. But with NB it works not bad and the pulses are eliminated.

73, Cedric HB9HFN