Upadte Win 10 1903 went OK but...

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View update history shows; 0xc1900101 failed to install?

I closed SSDR and turned off my Flex 6600.  Then deleted my version of SmartSDR.

I started the update last night.  This morning everything was normal.  A woke up my PC opened a Browser and went to Flexradio.com/Support/download my version of Smart SDR.

I am back in and playing radio.

What is 0xc1900101 and why did it fail to install?

What must I do to install 0xc1900101?
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Posted 2 months ago

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google it, it's probably a Windows error

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Windows 10 1803 update fails with message 0xc1900101


"A result code of 0xC1900101 is generic and indicates that a rollback occurred. In most cases, the cause is a driver compatibility issue."
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You must update windows 10 v 1803 to 1809 first before you update to 1903.  Went through that exercise Thursday.  By the way I suggest you make a copy of Audio inputs and outputs and Ports (COM & LPT) in Device Manager.  The update does not play nice with Flex DAX files.  All the FLEX IQ files after the update had to be renamed back to the original IQ file names.  The upgrade changed them to Audio RX and RESERVED AUDIO RX.  Easy process that does not require you to uninstall SDR, DAX, and CAT.
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http://lmgtfy.com/?q=windows+error+0x... Will lead to tutorials, videos and more on your error.

Nothing specific to SmartSDR, rather a generic type Windows issue.


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Thanks everyone.  I am up and running FB.
Instead of deleting my version of SmartSDR, DAX and CAT.  I uninstalled them, which I should have done the first time.
Don't know if that made the difference. 
Don, KX9Q, my system said 1809 was complete.
I downloaded the 1903 update again, as per Win 10 suggestion.  Once the 1903 update was on my PC it updated pretty quickly (not overnight).  System updates are now complete, no failures..
I went to flexradio.com/Support/downloads/ downloaded my version of SmartSDR and everything is FB again.
Thanks very much everyone for your time and energy.

Steve WA8Y
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Hello everyone ,
I allow myself to use this post to remarket Tim, and Flex for the speed of intervention to solve the problems that Windows makes the use of a FLEX, it is my fourth flex, bought, it is the only one brand that has a consumer service also ready buyers.
I also had a problem with 1903, everything now works thanks to the intervention of "TIM"

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Windows really needs an intervention.
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Win 10 have been around since 2014 so it has 5 years of fixes + enhancements. A complex OS will naturally have some growing pains but the last several updates have been w/o major incident. The only difficulty (2 win10 PCs) was editing the DaX names, which took as long as making a cup of instant coffee.
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I had two windows updates now rename all of my drivers, wrecking my setup, the first time I had to get Tim at Flex to do a service ticket, the second time I fixed it myself.  Perhaps MacOS is a really simple OS, but the Apple updates have never wrecked my setup. 

The windows 10 updates are wrecking a lot of systems, not just Computers with SSDR.

My eventual cure was a Workstation laptop with Enterprise on it to stop W10 updates in their tracks. Because when you have more failures due to updates than you do to malware, maleware isn't the enemy, it's the updates.