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I restarted this issue as the original had been closed.

A couple of things I don't understand.

1) Is that driver from FRS, in fact, unsigned? When I used PSDR with the 1500 I had to boot Windows 7 in test mode in order to install and use an unsigned driver. If the driver is, indeed, unsigned, wouldn't signing it be the fastpath solution for people? As Sal pointed out, we don't know precisely what fix allows DAX to install properly. It might be it was an optional fix to allow unsigned drivers to begin with.

2) Another point of confusion. I have a valid Win7 image running now as a paravirtualized Windows 7 natively under Linux. It does have a valid key, unlike the Win7 Professional I purchased from Amazon. I have not activated it yet and it is taking updates just fine, even automatically where it, by itself, installed SP1 as well as post SP1 fixes. It did not, however, install the fix to allow unsigned drivers so I am following the original suggestions from Sal. Update: I have subsequently successfully activated it.

Where I don't frequent this forum any longer I missed the question Peter asked and, by the time I saw it, I was unable to reply. Peter, I stand by my statement. It was not intended to be provocative, merely a stmt of fact. The answer is not to write yet another kludge for other operating systems but do a proper interface into SSDR (the Linux piece). What I am doing is reverse engineering fldigi in order to directly communicate with SSDR (the linux piece). This I can not make available as fldigi is covered by license and I can not release XPSDigi without also releasing the source for it. At this point I am not inclined to do that. What other vendors have chosen to do for backwards compatibility to the 80's, is provide a USB interface to the computer which will make the, in this case, radio appear as a sound card as well as the communications medium from the computer to effect programmatic control of the radio. It does not require software to be written, nor does it require unsigned drivers. The aforementioned USB solution is OS agnostic as Elecraft, Icom, Kenwood digital streams work on Windows as well as Linux and, presumably, Mac. DAX is highly Windows specific and,  Windows 10 repeatedly has proven it has a huge issue with it that has proven sufficiently pervasive many 6000 owners deemed it necessary to upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows 10. That is what I was addressing.

But I especially want to thank Sal and Lawrence for providing that invaluable insight for those compelled to upgrade to Win7 in order to reliably use DAX.
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