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An idea for the future...
It would be nice to click, or right-click the TX Ready indicator in order to lock out the Transmitter.

I have both an inquisitive 6 year old son and 2 cats that roam the operating area and I would like a simple way to inhibit the transmitter when I am away from the desk.

When activated, the display could then put a bright red circle and slash over the TX Ready indicator or have it say "TX NOT Ready" or something.
If the PTT or CW Paddles are activated when TX is inhibited, a red warning box could be flashed in the center of the screen for as long as the PTT is pressed.

A simple click or right-click would activate the transmitter again.

I have noticed that I can right click on it now, but any control functions are inoperable.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Clicking on the RED TX on the filter selection box works for me as it locks out the transmitter with a single click. I use the TX indicator on the filter box rather than the TX ready box.
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Yes, this is what I was going to recommend also -- just unclick the TX in the slice receiver and there will be no assigned transmitter. Will this do what you want, Ken?

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Not exactly. Though I agree that un-clicking the TX selection on the slice will do the job, there may be times when multiple slices are open and some may even be off screen. If I have a particular set up I may not want to track down the particular slice and click it, so I thought a simple "Master inhibit" would be handy, similar to the "master mute" so that an operator wouldn't have to remember the exact slice that had formerly been selected... Just a variation on the same tune, I guess...

In the mean time, I have been doing it the other way, but on a smaller screen it can be a little tricky to see...
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Just a quick thought - an extension for the future - how about a Master TX Inhibit that could be locked with a PIN? Would be ideal for those days when doing demo's or youth events where you don't want any unauthorized TX, but would allow the user to freely scan around the bands. This would also deal with the non feline young ones who wander into the shack and have a little more savvy about them to look for the Enable button. A PIN always stops those in their tracks.
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Not a bad idea at all!
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Ken I like the master tx inhibit you first suggested remember on the flex 5000 we had a receive only switch
Ken w9ie