TX Out of Band Locks Radio in TX After Returning to Band

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As I was operating on ARRL DX SSB I accidentally transmitted on the edge of the band at 14.349 MHz, the radio was smart enough to not transmit. I then went back to 14.345 MHz to test the TX and before I would transmit the radio went into TX and got stuck there. 

I could not recover by keying ON and OFF. The only way to recover was to shut down SmartSDR and restart it. There was no need to cycle power on the radio.

Has anybody else seen this? Also, if this is not logged as a defect/bug, can someone please log it in the official system?

Client S/W: v1.10.16.174
H/W S/W: v1.10.16.91

Thank you,

Eduardo Carvalho, KC8R
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Eduardo Carvalho - KC8R

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Posted 3 years ago

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David Brown

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I did the same thing, but did not have any problems after going  back.  I first thought I had lost the TX but as soon as I went back it transmitted with out any problems.  I know it this does not help you but this was my experience near the bank edge
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I experienced the lock out at the band edge also. After a few seconds of PANIC I realised what was happening. I tuned down below the +-3Khz limit and it recovered on its own. No prolonged lockouts.
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Any time you transmit, if it fails, you can place the mouse cursor over the red TX button at the bottom right-hand corner of the SmartSDR for Windows console and it will tell you why the radio isn't transmitting (the interlock fault state)
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Eduardo Carvalho - KC8R

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Thank you all for the replies. I will check it out again.

Eduardo, KC8R