Trying to conceptualize my remote setup for new 6300...

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I just got email confirmation that my new 6300 shipped!

I have been operating remote for 5 years now, mainly from my home, with a Kenwood TS-480 and Remote Rig.  I utilize a Ubiquiti 5.8GHz internet bridge to span the 4 statute mile LOS path between my home and my tower and antennas that are located on a hill.  When at home, I am on my own LAN, everything is on the same subnet, and I don't have any humanly detectable latency.

I currently have a serial Y cable that provides band data from the TS-480 to my Tokyo Hy-Power HL-1.5KFX amplifier and SteppIR controller.  From what I read on here, the same functionality can be provided with a Windows computer running DDUtil.  Is DDUtil a standalone software or do I need SSDR running on the same computer?

Is the functionality likely to exist in the near future for my 6300 to provide band data directly to the amplifier and SteppIR controller without the need for a computer?  The reason I ask this question is that I could temporarily leave the serial Y cable connected from the TS-480 to the amp and SteppIR controller and connect the coax from one of the antenna ports on the 6300 to the amplifier.  Of course, this would require me to first tune the TS-480 to bandswitch everything before transmitting with the 6300 through the amplifier/tuned SteppIR.

Any other advice would be very much appreciated.

Terry, NZ5E
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Posted 3 years ago

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Larry Benoit

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Hi Terry,

I've been patiently awaiting the enabling of the dual USB ports on the Flex 6000 series for control of  accessory equipment.  I'm afraid that support may not be coming anytime soon.

For those operators looking to remotely control an amplifier,rotor or other RS-232 controlled device supported by DDUtil over the Internet (WAN) without the need for a PC at the station, an Ethernet to serial adapter is a viable option.  I’ve specifically tested a Startech RS232 over IP Ethernet Device Server (NETRS2321P) with an Elecraft KPA500. Startech also makes two and four port Ethernet to Serial Device Servers.

Used in conjunction with OpenVPN and DDUtil through an Asus RT-ac68p router, I can operate a Flex 6500 over the Internet and separately control the KPA-500 through the Ethernet to serial device server. This eliminates the need for a running PC at the station and the associated network overhead of a remote desktop session.

Installed on the remote computer, DDUtil recognizes a virtual port configured by VCom (virtual serial port manager provided with the Startech driver) to support the NETRS2321P device server.  DDUtil still recognizes Flex virtual ports created by SmartCAT on the remote computer and connects to the 6500 via OpenVPN and separately communicates with the KPA500 via the Ethernet to serial device server. The KPA500 remote functions perform correctly (on/off, remote/standby, direct band switching) and operating conditions are reported as expected (SWR, forward power, PA temp, and PA voltage).

I used a Lenovo V570 laptop (i5 CPU with Win 7/64) to perform the test.  Setup is reasonably easy, although you need to understand port forwarding to configure your router.  Also, I use a Digital Loggers Web Power Switch to control power for my equipment.

While I have only tested the device for short operating sessions, no problems have arisen. Startech also makes multi-port Ethernet to serial device servers (up to four ports), which I have not tested.

SteppIR controllers are supported by DDUtil and you may be able to employ the passive listener service (Kenwood protocol) to control the Tokyo Hy-Power amplifier.

Good luck and 73,

Larry KB1VFU

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I've run Moxa serial to Ethernet converters (5410 and 5110) or a couple years with my Flex.  I run my rotator, amps, Winkeyer and wattmeter remotely.  Works great.  Moxa makes absolutely  bulletproof Windows virtual serial drivers with no restrictions on Windows com port assignments. 

FWIW my setup is LAN remote with only a few ms of round trip latency.  I also use a pair of RemoteRig boxes to carry full duplex audio and CW paddle keying.  If you head down the RR path, I found their remote serial and USB drivers to be very flaky.
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I have remote serial ports running on some Silex SX-3000GB for just what you may be wanting to do.
DDUTIL on your local SmartSDR computer with the remote serial ports would let you control two USB to Serial com ports or what ever USB devices you wanted to remotely control.

hope this helps