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I am assuming that this is an issue with my older laptop.  I made several contacts using my laptop remotely yesterday.  The receive audio is smooth but several stations reported that my audio would sometimes drop out on transmit.  Some transmissions were fine and other times they said my audio would cut out or clip.  The issue got better once I closed the DAX software.  My CPU usage during this time was around 60% +/-.  My laptop is going on 6 years old and is only a dual core with 4GB of memory running Windows 8.1.  Before I drop some money on buying a new laptop, I was wondering if anyone has some ideas on how to correct this transmit problem.  My WIFI connection is excellent (full green bars in SSDR) when this issue is occurring.  I am connected to a type N WIFI network (5Ghz) and when I do a speed test via or I get 85Mb download and 85Mb upload (Verizon fios) so I don't think it is a network issue.

I also notice that if I am receiving but have SSDR minimized, the SSDR is only using about 10% CPU but when it is open (IE: Panadator/Graphics on screen) the SSDR process is about 30-40%.  Maybe my issue is graphics related?

I have also turned off live scan on my antivirus during the time I use SSDR.
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Posted 5 years ago

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I am having similar problems with clipping I thought it might be the cheap USB headset I was talking with.

Was about to Post if anyone knew of a good Headset I could use.

My Laptop is the same as yours.

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Maybe it is the USB headset.  I have run the radio from this laptop before (not in remote mode) and didn't have any issues.  It even runs my 5000A fine with the built in firewire port.   I remember in the past, someone posted something about tweaking USB power settings on a laptop.  I wish I had another headset to try to see if that is the issue.  I just know that several long transmissions I had with a local ham were fine and then other times he said it was clipping. 
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It seems clear there is a problem with audio on remote, looks like something they will need to check.
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I've been getting better remote tx audio with no dropouts or stutter by setting the headset to 16000/16 bit in the Windows record device properties/advanced. With it at 96000/24 bit I was getting dropouts.

Worth a try.

Dave, wo2x
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I have got mine set down as low as I can 8000/16bit (telephony quality) and it makes no difference.  I also got rid of a lot of stuff that loaded at bootup and now my CPU is only running about 30%.  Still tons of transmit dropouts to the point I can't use remote transmit.  Not sure what other settings to look at.  I know the mic it working fine as I can listen to it via the listen option in Windows control panel and the audio is great.  Remote receive works great and I can run all 4 slice receivers on my laptop fine.  I am hooked up via wireless but the network rates as "Execelent" in SSDR and I have 5ms or less latency.  Not sure what else to look at.
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I have the same issue with all my laptops. I even tried hard wiring cat5e. It's seems this is not a network issue, but performance based.

My question is why TX audio is requiring so much resources? Only my fastest desktops work on TX without dropouts.

I think more work is needed on the remote audio.

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I have the same issue on all laptops with three different usb headsets and mics. What is the magic setting that will work.?
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Made some progress on this tonight.  I disabled all the DAX drivers 2-8 on both TX and RX in the windows control panel.  I only use DAX 1 anyway.  This made a huge difference.  It got rid of 90% of my TX dropouts.  I have a friend who has a 6300 and he was having the same remote TX problem.  He disabled the unused DAX drivers (he could only use DAX1 and DAX2 anyway) and if fixed 90% of his dropouts as well.  We were able to have a QSO for over 30 minutes with several transmissions with no dropouts.
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The other thing I noticed is the processor jumps about double during transmit on my laptop.  When I am just receiving, my CPU is running about 25% but when I transmit it jumps to over 60%. 
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I reduced FPS and AVG on the smartsdr display tab and ran one panadapter only and it helped.

Plus shrunk down the over all smartsdr screen and got good reports.

My hardware :Laptop

Intel Core i3-2330M  2.2 GHz  duo-core
 Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 3000
Screen Size: 15.6 inches

73 Jeff