Trade War. Will it effect availability of repair parts? Thanks KD6ET

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Posted 5 months ago

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Interesting question.  I suspect that unless something turns around with this trade war scenario many items either imported into the US, or US items requiring imported components, will cost US consumers more.  Higher prices will probably result in lessening sales.  Companies will want to maintain their same profit level so they will of course pass on the increased component costs onto the US consumer.  Imported parts availability will no doubt hinge on whether US consumers will still be willing to foot the increased item premiums (or not).   
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i run a board assembly facility  ,now lead time on all part extend ,particularly passive part (resistor/ capacitor) seem that Asia keep part for it local market now ! , add to this the 25% import charge .this will have impact on price ,some may absorb it some may pass it to end customer  , and this shit affect even me in Canada  since all distributor part warehouse is in USA  ,i also notice significant increase of facility closure ,have lot of electronic related backut auction now ....

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Who knows maybe it will force some electronics manufacturing companies to move back back to the USA again. ;)

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good luck making resistor and capacitor at 12$ / 10000 reel  ,cost much less to move  production to Asia ,and this is what happen    , a 100,000 ft. sq. Silicon Wafer Foundry just close in Wilmington, MA   ,only remaining 3 Foundry in USA that do sub 20nm (intel ,samsung ,TSMC ) , so only Intel is a america owned ...