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Have a Flex6600M wish I Could set a Tracking OFFSET TNF
To have a Fixed Offset to the Main VFO frequency
Can take out the Audio Pitch Hiss that is Annoying
In receiver Audio

This implementation would be easy for FlexRadio
To do in the Menu of the TNF

It like a razor edge notch in the
Edge of the Filter passband

If it only move as a Selectable Option as an Offset
To the VFO frequency would be great

Right now the TNF stays at a Fixed Frequency

Having a Offset Option would be Great !

73 Mike
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Posted 5 months ago

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If you are in CW mode, you can get a similar effect by using APF (auto Peak Filter) which is automatically set to your CW pitch frequency.

I also get reduced noise by using the RX EQ and setting the 500 Hz slider to the top and all the others to the bottom. Of course I use 500 Hz as my CW Pitch

On SSB you can use the RX EQ to reduce out of passband audio hiss by dropping unneeded audio frequencies with the sliders (you can enhance a few, too. It really helps fix poorly EQ’d signals so you can understand them better.
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Comparing 2.7khz with an offset TNF 100hz
Wide at the edge gives better Audio that
Merely setting Passband to slightly smaller
Say 2.6khz

The Audio Pitch shows up on wider BW
Settings for SSB

The NR and APF makes the Audio
Harder to listen to due to rapid roll off
In the high end audio frequency response

Also found the EQ not as good as s
Offset TNF

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I'm with Mike. I also use this technique of placing the TNF on the edge. It would be pretty nifty to have the offset TNF as Mike suggests. One can only dream....