Top 10 Wish List for SSDR

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After a week with SSDR version 1.0, here's my "Top Ten" list of feature wishes. Understand about the roadmap -- this is just my user feedback and suggestions for the developer team as they roll forward. A BIG thank you to the whole team!
1) Persistance
2) Memories
3) DAX
4) FFT Smoothing
5) Band edge markers
6) Memory keyer (CWX)
7) Spectrum analyzer tools (peak hold, etc.)
8) TX panel slide out (other than meters) like the RX panel
9) Waterfall
10) Preamp ON/OFF indicator

Just my two cents. 73 to all!

George, KF2T
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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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  • happy to be part of the process!

Posted 5 years ago

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Just for fun we have a poll running on the Yahoo FlexRadioSmartSDR forum. Here are the standings so far. Everyone is welcome to vote.

Caveat: the poll is not scientific or endorsed by FRS.

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ
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Thanks, Al! Great minds...
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My Top Ten is
1. Tracking Notch Filter TNF
2. DAX
3. I/Q streaming, 96kHz
4. Memory Keyer CWX
5. Quick Record and Play
6. slice LOCK
7. 4/8 rec slices
8. scope
9. Memories
10.Simple mode FlexControl
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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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Ooh, I love the LOCK idea! Good one.
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Robert Cline N5FD

1. Waterfall Display
2. Transmit offset for the "up listeners". Quicker than two slices maneuvers.

Just my 2¢.
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Here is my list, after only brief reflection. Subject to change after reading other ideas!

1) DAX
2) Additional Persistence (mode & band specific AGC-t, RX EQ, filter, Display FRS)
3) CW Keying via Virtual Serial Port
5) FFT Averaging/Smoothing
6) Enhanced DSP
7) Pan-fall
8) Band stacking registers w/persistence of freq, mode, filter, etc.
9) editable RX filter button frequency limits (like in Power SDR)
10) TX "Profiles" that store Bandwidth, Audio Input, TX EQ, Mike Gain & Compression,
11) Expanded Flex Control Knob Support

I had to add an additional one!

Thanks, Flex, for a great radio! I can't wait for the next release!

"Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat..."
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I'd add #11, too, same as you.
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Here are my top 3. (Ok I am having trouble prioritizing)

1. DAX
1. I/Q Streaming
1. Pan-Fall
1. Enhanced DSP
1. Memories (RX Slices)
1. Profiles (memories for everything else)
1. Tracking Notch Filter
2. Averaging
2. Adjustable Flex-Control
2. FM and DV (it would be cool to have digital voice built-in)
3. 4/8 slices
3. Scope
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Robert -- N5IKD, Elmer

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1. Remote power on
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Here my list is short:

1 - At least same features of PowerSdr v 2.6.4

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Michael N6BRP

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My top three are:
1. NB for entire panadapter (I live in a noisy noisy place)
2. DAX
3. Enhanced DSP
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My top one is ---- Remote Power ON/OFF, so I can get some use of the radio.

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Besides finishing the major mode and display features. Looks like the only way Flex will make all its previous 5000A customers happy will be to have the same features as PSDR V2.x.x. I imagine that's going to take a while....

I mainly use my 6500 (as I did my 5000A) for DX spot chasing, both SSB and CW, and, AM/SSB rag chewing. So here is my list:

1. Persistence and memories.
2. CWX
3. Save profiles & bandwidth for at least 4 microphones.
4. DAX
5. Band edge/privilege markers/ indicators.
6. RIT/XIT (make it so logging program sets XIT as QSX freq (VFO-B), so I don't have to have another slice RX open!!)
7. DSP for AM mode.
8. Add FlexControl switch features so can toggle through slices that are up; make it so yellow mark toggles with control.

V1.0.0 has been real solid for me. Very few issues last week, consequently I sold my 5000A....
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Al K0VM, Elmer

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I would put the 'Ablity to QSY via CAT to any freqeuncy/any band and have the RX a Slice and its panadapter follow' some where in my TOP 3

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Hi Al, The way you are wording it yes ,I would too... My problem is using DX4WIN with my 6500. If I don't have VFO-B open when I connect DX4WIN to the radio DX4WIN it errors out... (BobT said its because DX4WIN looks for VFO-B to be available, and it errors out if it isn't. But, the 5000A could do it?)

With the 5000A I only had to have VFO-A open (no 2nd RX open) and DX4WIN would jump to the spot and if there was a QSX freq it would go into split and you're ready to go, the TX freq is set and ready to transmit.

All I want it that ease of use behavior, now I have to worry if my VFO-B is open then I have to make sure they are on the correct band or SDSDR gets tangled up and falls flat on its face....

I would appreciate any help I could get.
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Sergey, R5AU

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My 5 cents as well:
1. Expanded Persistence (mode & band specific: AGC-t, NR, RX EQ, TX EQ, Mc Gain&Compression, Filters, Display FRS, RF output for every band)
2. CW Keying via Virtual Serial Port
3. CWX - memory keyer with additional keypad supporting
4. FFT Averaging/Smoothing with analyzing functionality
5. Pan-fall
6. Enhanced DSP (incl TNF) usable for all modes
7. DAX for all 4/8 slices
8. Editable RX filter button frequency limits
9. IQ streaming with Record/Play functionality
10. Expansion SSDR CAT functionality
11. GUI tunable – colors, parts separation
12. WFM(tunable),DRM
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Here my wishlist for sooner release:

1. Expanded Persistence for all settings.
2. CW Keying via Virtual Serial Port
3. FFT Averaging/Smoothing with analyzing functionality like PSDR
4. Enhanced DSP (incl TNF) usable for all modes
5. DAX for all 4/8 slices
6. Editable RX filter button frequency limits
7. IQ streaming with Record/Play functionality
8. Expansion SSDR CAT functionality
9. CW dot/dash memory and ratio
10. CAT opertunity to connect the virtual Port 4 direct to a hardware Port. (without DDUtil)
11. Different MIC profiles save&restore
12. SAVE all settings and after Upgrade of Firmware restore back.

Emil, de DL8JJ
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Michael - N5TGL

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1. DAX. I think CW has had more than its fair share of focus lately :) (ducks vibroplex thrown from far left field)
2. Transmit profiles or fully implemented CAT command set so we can create macros in DDUTIL and use that to manage "persistance". Switching betwen digital/SSB is more difficult than it needs to be.
3. Panadapter averaging so my eyeballs stop vibrating
4. Panafall. I sure miss that for weak signal work.
5. RIT. Feels dumb to chase other stations all over the bands with a $7K radio.
6. NB is still not up to snuff.

As a general comment: we should have at a minimum the features we had in PSDR. I liked being able to use DSB and the phase scope to calibrate my radio to WWV. Sure I can use GPSDO, but that's $699 and the "old way" was free...and certainly close enough for me.
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Top Ten Wish List

1. I Want all the features that were with the 5000 . And more. (What was advertised)

Isn't that what we paid for.