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For a couple of years, I have been using NetNewsWire as a news aggregator to read the "News From Flex."  Now, with hundreds of posts a day, there is JUST TOO MUCH NOISE in this community.  I've decided to delete this channel from my aggregator.  PLEASE think before you post, and consider whether you are posting something WORTHWHILE.  Something of general interest, or a question.
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  • Worn out.

Posted 3 years ago

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Believe me, I can appreciate your concern about the recent volume of Community posts.  I have to read them all and when necessary respond.  However, I have to come to the defense of all Community subscribers because they all have the right to post freely within the guidelines of the Community usage policy.  Inferring that people's comments are "noise" can be interpreted as disrespectful.  I presume this was not your intent, but just showing your frustration at the volume of posts, comments, and replies.

You can limit the mail you get from the Community by managing your account's email notification policy.  Here are the instructions on how to do it.
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After a product launch, expected major software update and Xenia Hamvention, I think it is expected and good to see increased interest and activity in the community.
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Yes, it's called Freedom of Speech. Delete away!
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Yep, even my Flex Noise Blanker has no effect on this !
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Ouch ;-)
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Tim - you are a true scholar and a gentleman.

Cheers !
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Drop a deep WNB on what you don't want, and tweak it until it's to your liking. Sort of like adding enough garlic powder and red pepper to your reciple. 
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Garlic and red pepper? I guess my settings are all 100. 8^)
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I'd prefer TNF. This way I can tune out by thread or poster :)
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This band is open!
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Its all good. I get irritated with some folks, and I'm sure they get irritated with me. But as long as a person doesn't get personal, We can learn stuff.
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A helpful (I hope) suggestion:

At the top right of every initial post on the Community is a pair of "button bars"  
a "Me Too" bar
and a "Follow" or "Unfollow" bar.   This bar is your filter for the current thread.

Whenever someone opens a new thread, if it is in one of the "categories" you have listed to follow (i.e. SSDR, Flex-6500, API, Third Party Applications, etc.)  you will receive a single email notifying you that a new topic has been posted in that category.

If this is YOUR original post, or If you RESPOND to that post, your status for that post is automatically changed to "Following" and the button will read "Unfollow," which indicates your option to choose not to follow it if you wish.

If for any reason this post no longer interests you, you can open the thread on the Community with your browser and select "Unfollow" and you will not receive any more emails regarding this particular thread.  (The button will now read "Follow" which is the available option, since you are no longer following the thread.)

This is an easy way to reduce email notifications from threads that are displeasing or uninteresting to you.

If, however, you choose to respond to any of the posts in that thread, your status will be changed back to "Following" and you will once again need to "Unfollow" the thread. The assumption is that if you post to it, you would want to be informed if others respond to your post or others in the thread.

There are a few threads that have moved me to "unfollow" them.  It is a lot easier to filter my Community experience than it is to try to force everyone to submit to my preferences for topic or decorum.  (Though I have occasionally attempted the feat.)

As others have observed, there are several cyclical events in the Flex Environment that trigger solar storms of conversational activity, usually centering upon upcoming hamfests, product announcements, new software releases, delays in software releases, unfulfilled expectations about the date or content of anticipated software releases, phases of the moon, etc...

Most of the conversation is interesting, amusing, helpful, and frustrating all at the same time.

Hope this suggestion helps, if only a little.

Ken - NM9P