Thrid party software for use with the Flex 6700

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After the amazing response from everyone on this forum regarding the Bose companion 11 series 3 speakers I would like a similar recommendation for third party plugin and software.  I have the radio setup now and its is so easy to use with SSB and I am now getting use to the filters, amazing I might add!  I have been hearing more stations than my pervious FT2000, and it much more user friendly!  I have ordered the GPSDO unit so that is on its way.

I have never really used data but would like to start.  What would be the best software for a beginner to use for say, PSK31, RITTY, Slow ScanTV etc.  I would also like to integrate a logging program into the SmartSDR1.5.  Any other useful software for other data modes, automation would be great to know.

Thanking everyone in advance and looking forward to the Journey!

Nick Parry, M0NAG 

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Posted 4 years ago

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I'll be interested in the responses you get on the digital modes software.  I haven't gotten that far yet, but I can highly recommend MacLoggerDX for logging.  It isn't a plug-in for SSDR, but talks directly to the radio over your network.  You can get it from DogPark Software:

Littleton, Colorado
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Give Log4OM a try.  It's shareware and works great with CAT.  It has many features that the expensive logging programs have.  Not only does it tune and follow your rig, filter according to mode and worked status, but it also provides a cluster scanner, LotW/EQSL interface, award tracking, and much more.  Plus, it's under current development with updates coming out on a regular basis.
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I use the DXLab Suite of programs.

Dave, AA6YQ, owns a Flex 6000-series and has a very good working relationship with FlexRadio.

Rig interface is via IP, sends CW, sends and receives RTTY and various flavors of PSK, DX Cluster spot send and receive and, of course, logging and awards tracking. It also interoperates and communicates with a large number of 3-party software products including MMSTV and Fldigi.

There's a learning curve but it is a very comprehensive package. 

Support is via a Yahoo group and is unbelievably responsive. ...and no trolls telling you to use search first before you ask a question.

And best of all: it's freeware.


Bob, K8RC
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I would just like to second this. DXLab is a great suite of programs. It offers everything you could want in a very well supported package that is free to boot.
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Motion carried
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I strongly second the recommendation of the DX Labs suite of programs. You won't find as comprehensive, useful, or better supported software anywhere, at any price. And DX Labs is free.

For digital mode use, I am slowly moving to fldigi (from MixW which has been abandoned by its authors). It integrates nicely with DX Labs via third party bridge software.

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I don't have a good recommendation for a comprehensive suite. (DX Labs looks good, but I haven't made the switch, yet.). But for specific digital and contesting modes, I have settled on these apps. For RTTY: MMTTY. For other general digital modes: FLDigi. For JT63 and JT9: WSJT-X. For contest logging: N1MM+. Log4OM is also a nice program, but I haven't decide on a new logger. I have been using N3FJP's ACLog for years.
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BTW, MMTTY comes with DXLab and is fully integrated.
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I am actually partial to HamRadioDeluxe. Yes, it is expensive for the first year. However, subsequent years are at a discount price. It includes logging, digital, dxcluster and integrates beautifully with a 6000 series.

Nobody likes paying for stuff, be it rent, home purchase, car, appliances, radio. I do software design and development for pay. I''ve also done it for 'the love of doing it' or I wanted it anyway and if 200-300 others want it too, OK. I've abandoned the later model of doing software, especially support, for free. So I certainly understand developers are more motivated to develop as well as support when there is renumeration involved. I also don't fault them for having a profit motive.

You can use HRD free for some period of time, be it 30 days or until you actually want to upgrade it to get the bug fixes. It supports LOTW, eQSL, HRDLog, Clublog and, likely, one or two more.
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I, too, am partial to HRD.  I've been using it for years, going back to the original free version.  If you watch for specials, you can sometimes reduce the costs substantially.  They had a 'Black Friday' special for 50% off either a new purchase or annual support agreement.  I'm now licensed out to November of 2017.  I love the way it integrates rotor control, logging (and LoTW), and digital operation.  I spent some time playing in the OK RTTY contest this morning and logged a couple dozen QSOs.  With a bit of luck I'll get a couple more LoTW QSLs.  I'm just lacking 5 of completing RTTY DXCC.  If I can complete that, I'll have finished Phone, RTTY, and all single bands from 40-10 with the Flex in just 2 years.  I had DXCC  200 mixed and CW done prior to getting the 6500.
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Another vote for LOG4OM, I have used all top logging programs over the years and LOG4OM stands out above all the rest.  It is truly well thought out, clean, easy to use, and uses low computer resources, but has all the facilities you will ever need and the back up team are second to none.  Added to this it is free, though you can donate if you feel you wish to.  It also works very well with the 6000 series.

For contesting N1MM Plus.  It just gets better and better. 
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Logging Program votes ?  They are ALL GOOD !  Only you can find out whats best for you. And since they all have free trials, it will make it easy for you to compare.

Me?  I have paid and stay current with 5 software packages and keep the other 3 free ones loaded and current also. (NOT counting what is loaded on the MacBook)  I have found that I use one for radio logging, another  for contesting, another for mass-lookups, and another for my 'fav' logbook that keeps track of LoTW and I use as the Master for file backups.

In other words, no one logging program ( or contesting) does everything I want and so I use them all a bit.  Do not feel like you have to choose 'The One'.  They all have individual features that are not duplicated in others and you may want to take advantage of that.  I have found a few file transfers has saved me thousands of individual keystrokes and still brings me to the program that I enjoy the best because of the GUI it has that fits my style.

Can be a sticky wicket, Heh?  (but fun to explore, and if you DO find 'The One' then good work!)

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I'd like to throw in my vote for DxLabs.
I also find DDUtil essential.
Fldigi is good for many digital modes and it's free.
WSJTX is a lot of fun too.
JTAlertX really improves WSJTX.

73, Jay - NO5J
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My vote is for HRD.  It works well with all Flex Radio's and many others out there.  I have used it for Remote Radio Control (with Skype), and more recently for Remote Rotor Control.  It has all of the Digital Stuff you are looking for, as well as Logging, and DX Cluster watching/control.  It works, and I have no desire to change it.  Give it a try.

Cheers  Kevin -Va3KGS

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I use DXLAB after trying some of the others. I like its modularity so I can use just the modules I want on my 2 screens. I can position them exactly where I want or move them if required. I like the ease of updating just the parts I need. Sometimes I substitute FlDigi for WinWarbler because I like it's RTTY UI better. Like all popular software there is a learning curve but once I got used to it I wouldn't part with it. I am using it with my new Flex-6300 and it interfaces fine over the Ethernet connection.

73, ED - KC9JBU